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I don’t know if I’ve talked much about this or not, but I know that I have at least mentioned it. We know that I produce podcasts for others and I do one every other Tuesday evening called Apartment 5B. The name is based on the apartment number of Kramer on SeinfeldA5BLogo

The tagline of the podcast is “Irrational Conversations with the Cool Breezes of Anytown, USA.” To quote the website, the aim is to have fun with the everyday, or at least our everyday. That usually is shared agitation, alcohol appreciation, ridiculous journalism, sports, pop culture – you name it, it’s all there, simultaneously inappropriate and hilarious.

I will say that currently, it is the podcast that I have the most fun on. We’re off the hook, we talk about everything and, truthfully, we can get a little “blue.” Not blue in the X-rated sense but we just say anything we want. Generally, it’s not crude, but we just talk openly. The participants, or “residents” of Apartment 5B are Jeff Evans, Rory and Producer Tim. I’ll let you guess which I am.

There are segments that we do including an episodic “throat punch” which according to The Office‘s Dwight Shrute, “you can Never go wrong with ​a Throat Punch.” LeBron James is the “Throat Punch Emeritus” which means he gets a proverbial throat punch each week.

We also highlight some odd-ball or hard-to-believe or hard-to-care-about news article from various news outlets. They are legitimate news articles and this episode it was about some dude in Oregon that broke into an “Escape Room” and had to call 9-1-1 because he couldn’t get out. There is more to it than that but you’ll need to listen to hear us spout about it.

We also do a segment called “Back in Time” which talks about pop culture subjects such as music, movies, television and so on. This episode we talked about Billboard’s Top 100 Songs of Summer, all-time. I think we all had a problem with the #1.

And, then on certain weeks, we have a wheel that we spin with a variety of topics and we jump on whatever pops up. The wheel is actually there, too (wink). We didn’t do the wheel this week. That’s because we went a little long. We try to stay right at an hour. It doesn’t always happen but mostly it does.

The podcast has two sponsors right now, Old Winston Social Club and The Satornino Group. And, of course, the show is recorded and produced in The Lab at Industry Hill.

This show isn’t on The Less Desirables Network but it feels like it is. It’s just good fun and it’s entertaining. You should give it a listen. It’s available on most platforms but if you want to hear it, you should just click HERE. When you realize you love it (and you will), subscribe. There are a lot of features that we’re throwing around about adding, so you’ll want to hear those things when they happen.

Thanks for listening and thanks to Jeff and Rory for letting me be part of the show.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Yea, we’re cultured…” – Jeff Evans