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So, here we are, three days in a row that I’ve had a piggyback-worthy post from The Man Who Ate the Town. But, I am proud of the fact that I was featured in an article from Michael Breedlove for Winston-Salem Monthly Magazine about being “The Man Who Ate the Town.”


©Winston-Salem Monthly (Sinclair?)

Because I can be verbose, and it’s already been said the best it could in the article, I’m going to post those here so you can read them for yourself if you’re so inclined, Dear Reader.

The article is HERE.
The TMWATT post is HERE.

Thanks to Michael Breedlove and all the folks over at Winston-Salem Monthly!

Until tomorrow, which may or may not be about food…
Scorp out!

“How Tim Beeman turned a love of food into a food-media empire.” – Winston-Salem Monthly (Breedlove)