Recently, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary, was asked to leave a restaurant because the owner didn’t agree with her and after polling her staff, decided they didn’t want her there collectively. I can understand that. She’s a polarizing figure who, in my opinion, spews disgusting lies and (what has become the most annoying phrase of the year) “doubles down” on building those lies for our President. 2czedp

Now, before we get into some argument about politics, I’m actually going, to an extent, take up for her here. I will not debate politics, policy or Trump with you, Dear Reader, so keep that to yourself.

There was an article written for The New Yorker that was both condemning and condoning the action. Not really, I think their argument was basically it’s a tug-of-war between what’s right and just. I had no problem with the article, other than I had to grab the dictionary for a few of the things the author mentioned. I think it was a bit over-the-top with “look how verbose, how many idioms and how many college words I can put in here.” That’s fine. If I could, I would. Maybe. Anywhat! My good friend Mary posted it and I just felt compelled to offer an opinion; something I rarely do when it comes to politics. I loathe politics but I understand it’s a now-necessary evil. But, I wanted to share what I wrote about it.

Again, I don’t want a debate, I just wanted to post it. Here it is:

I believe we have become all-too-consumed by politics. It has crept into my daily thinking and I don’t like that. Yes, I’m liberal and yes I think inclusion is the best course of action, especially when the mere act of eating is the least political thing I can think of. We all do it. We all have to. Most of us enjoy it. But, should we exclude someone from a basic human process, such as eating, based on their political views or job? I almost guarantee that there are plenty of Ds and Rs that stand in the halls of the Capitol building yelling and arguing across the aisles at each other and then when their session is over, they go and have a beer together, talk about life, sports, music, whatever. Together. 

I agree, too, that with this administration, nothing is normal, at least in the traditional sense. This is the most polarizing I’ve ever seen politics and I’ll admit that I really haven’t paid much attention in my nearly 48 years. It’s hard not to notice any longer. I know teenagers who are having to grow up fast because they’re wondering what kind of world we’re leaving them. I’m not trying to make any political stance on this post, so I apologize if that appears to be the case.

However, I worry that exclusion of Sanders (whom I really cannot stand to even see her face or hear her voice) from a restaurant based on who she works for is going against all liberal logic (yes there is such a thing). It was mentioned in this article about how we threw our arms up and stomped our feet that a “Christian baker” wouldn’t bake a wedding cake for a gay couple and we’re doing the same exact thing. 

Does Sanders deserve ridicule? In my eyes, yes because (again as the article alludes to) she chooses to spew forth the lies that her boss chooses to tell. But, not when she wasn’t doing anything political. People threatening her children, threatening her, excluding her and her ilk from the aforementioned basic human process, is not what we should do. 

I’m an Atheist, but I sit at many a dinner table with God-fearing Christians all the time. I don’t care what their beliefs are. I don’t care if I’m sitting across from Muslims, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Trump Supporters, Obama Lovers (which I do), etc. I have friends that make up a bit of everything. I’d hate to see any of them discriminated upon based on their thoughts and views. You don’t have to discuss it. I think the dinner table is one of the “sacred” places that you can share space with those you disagree with. 

There is nothing that says that you can only eat with “your kind.” This gets into the realm of “Whites Only” in my eyes. Just because you sup with them doesn’t mean you are like them. Eating with Christians doesn’t make me one. Eating with gay people doesn’t make me gay. It makes me a friend enjoying time with my friends. And I think we are all capable of having friends that are different, even if we choose not to. 

I’m not trying to start a debate. I just wanted to state my opinion. I am sorry that I hijacked this post, Mary, I just think we have to mindful of precedence if we choose to stop promoting inclusion and start promoting exclusion. My $1.32 worth.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The best way to receive civility at night is to not assault it all day long.” – Adam Gopnik