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So, there was no The Man Who Ate the Town podcast today as I was completing putting the puzzle together that is the Such-N-Such Limited/Media studios and offices. I am not going to go into great detail about the studio, yet, because I’m saving that until after we record The Less Desirables tomorrow. But, it will come, I promise. I’m very proud of it and want to share it with you, Dear Reader.


The Anniversary Cake

But, since we didn’t do a show, I still need to talk to you about our sponsors. So, the Humble Bee Shoppe… did you see the cake that Brittany made for Mes ‘Rents’ anniversary? Man, scratch-made chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse, blackcurrant jam and vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream in white and gold and she topped with a peony and added some macarons. It was amazing and Mes ‘Rents and all the guests thought it was amazing! It was! You can find her at 1003 Brookstown Ave. here in town, on her website and on social media.

Di Lisio’s Italian Restaurant is the most delicious and authentic Italian cuisine you’re going to find in town. Tony and Maria do everything in the classic tradition from lasagne and spaghetti to seafood and veal and all else in between. You really have to try it to believe how undeniably awesome this food is. Find them at 301 Brookstown, on their website and on social media.

If you’re downtown and want a great inexpensive lunch option, try Washington Perk’s deli (in the back) counter. How about needing some kombucha or specialty teas? They have those at Washington Perk! How about coffee? They serve Larry’s Beans coffee. And, of course, they have Wolfie’s Custard in about 15 flavors. The Perk is more than a convenience store and not quite a grocery store. Check them out at 301 W 4th Street downtown.

Also, today, I was witness to a biscuit bake-off at the headquarters of Biscuitville in Greensboro. I’ll speak more of that on The Man Who Ate the Town and then piggyback that here, but It was very interesting, even if it doesn’t sound like it would be. It was! Keep a watch for the article and podcast on the experience around Tuesday or so.

Well, that’s all I have today. I hope your day was good. I’m worn out!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Locally owned and operated since 1966, Biscuitville serves Southern Inspired food the old-fashioned way.” – Biscuitville