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First off, I want to say “happy father’s day” to all the dads out there, whether they’re dads, step-dads, furry kids’ dads, father figures, all of you. My life would be nothing like it is without my own Ma Père and I’ll get to see him in a few hours. He made me the man I am today, even if it took a while for me to catch on. Thanks, Dad. 15965375_10154740755025490_3295274378463804499_n

We went to Mary’s Gourmet Diner first and then to Underdog Records. We took a detour and went to Vibes Up Winston-Salem and talked with my friend Carly Sink about crystals and other hippy stuff. I say that with complete love because I love hippies, heck I married one. Back home to hear some of our spoils and then to Willows Bistro. Here’s our very short, but rewarding haul!



  • Pavement – Slanted And Enchanted – #135 on the RS list, which boggles my mind. I’m not saying it’s not deserving of the list but jeez o’pete, this can’t be that high on the list. It could be back in the 300s or something but 135? Nah. It’s The BCPF’s favorite Pavement album which contains her favorite Pavement song, “Summer Babe (Winter Version).” New.
  • Iggy Pop – TV Eye 1977 Live – It’s Iggy, a New Wave/punk icon, and The BCPF loves that stuff, so she wanted this and who am I to say no? VG+.
  • Pink Floyd – Ummagumma – A really rough version of this 2xLP but it’s still a good listen. I really enjoy record 2 best with all the members doing their own compositions. I mean who doesn’t like “Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict?” The album is graded as VG-. I think that’s generous, but that’s what I’ll go with.
  • Jethro Tull – War Child – “Bungle in the Jungle” is on this one. I don’t completely get Jethro Tull but I am not against it, either, so I figured why not? VG++.
  • Graham Parker And The Rumour – Squeezing Out Sparks – #334 on the RS list. Why not just switch the two we got this haul and I’d be okay with that. This should have been 135 and the Pavement album 334. I’m just sayin’. But, this was a great record, I enjoyed all of it! It was a $1 bin find but I think that was because the cover was a bit chewed up. The vinyl was VG/VG+, not a skip nor crackle.

That was it. Just five this week. Funds are tight and we have a trip to Boston to save for, so that was the dealio. Jonathan is taking in a lot of used stuff but he’s awaiting final approval on his offers. When that happens a lot of fresh used stuff will be coming in. Keep an eye on Underdog Records’ social media to find out what! Also, they post about new releases as well. And don’t forget to listen to The Less Desirables to hear the TLD/Underdog special of the week!

Discogs recently updated their Android app and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. It’s UI is great and aesthetically pleasing. It does all I want it to do in my collecting and allows me marketplace access and a randomizer to do random grabs. Check it out and start collecting.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Sit by my window and look outside, wonder why the sun don’t shine on me. What’s wrong with you, you stupid child, don’t you think that I’m the one you’re waiting to see? Don’t talk too much ’cause she falls for the suckers, makes her feel everything is secure. Don’t ever leave a footprint on her floor. Don’t bother with the local girls.” – “Local Girls” (Parker)

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