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In something that I actually hope is a story that gets old (which means it keeps happening), I have yet something else to be thankful for and to be proud of with my son, 3B. He told me last night that I needed to get him up early, when I went to my networking meeting this morning, and he’d do something for me.


A proud papa with his pride and joy

Well, I woke him up but told him I was going to leave for my meeting. I came back and he was still in bed. I figured he would be, he was up later than I was last night/this morning. I walked in and he was quick to get up and he proceeded to make me a bacon, spinach and tomato sandwich on toasted bread. He even made his own special sauce with mayo, sriracha and Worcestershire. It was quite good.

The fact that he took that initiative is what I was proud of. He wanted to do something for me and it was cooking. However minor, he made it major and I am so proud of that. Much awesomeness in this kid. He’s a good one. I’m glad he’s mine.

That’s all I have to say, now.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“How do you like your bacon?” – 3B