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I had intended to write a big thing about King’s X yesterday but I felt compelled to write my thoughts about Anthony Bourdain in light of what had happened. I’m not going to write a big thing today, that can be something for this week coming, but let’s just say that King’s X was a big part of my musical life in the early 90s and even into the later 90s. I admit I lost touch with their music after Dogman but their first five albums were really great.

Tonight, if I hadn’t mentioned this already, King’s X is playing at The Ramkat and I am very excited to see them again. The bonus (and added excitement) is that I get to play with pals of mine and open for them. I don’t know if we’re first or second but we are sharing the stage with dUg, Ty and Jerry. I look very much forward to it. So, here’s one of my favorite songs by them, probably the one that got me into them, and one that I’ve performed as the bass player and lead singer in a previous band. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Music, music, I hear music. Music, I hear music, music, music oh, oh, oh, lord. Music over my head.” – “Over My Head” (Pinnick/Tabor/Gaskill)