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I know I’ve already done a post today but not only is today the release anniversary of So from Peter Gabriel, it’s also the 26th anniversary of KISS’ Revenge. It was a return of heavier rock from KISS that mostly got away from the poppier sound of the last few releases. To quote Paul Stanley, “you won’t hear any ‘hammer-ons’ on this album.” I think he meant hammer tapping, but whatever. In this video, I swear that Gene is the only person that could drink from a straw and make it look cool. Even, if the song is a bit creepy, it’s definitely “Gene.”

Until tomorrow (again), same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Never had confession. Never had a home. Never had no worry until I met Domino. 
Ain’t the Virgin Mary. Love her I confess. Got my hesitations, ’cause she kisses like the kiss of death. Loves lots of money, back’s against the wall. Calls me Sugar Daddy, she knows she’s got me by the balls. They call her Domino – so fine.” – “Domino” (Simmons/Vincent)