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So, I’m going to spare you the whole “it was 16 years ago today at 2:42pm, that my awesome son was unleashed upon this world” story. But, really, that’s what happened. So, instead, I’m going to tell you about the thing that happened today, which I’m sure you can figure out what that is. But, time’s up and I’m going to tell you anyway.


Yeah, that’s my kid…


Yeah, his mother and I accompanied 3B to the local DMV/Highway Patrol office and watched him and a nice officer drive off in her vehicle. They were gone about 10 minutes at the most and then they came back. I thought, uh oh. That didn’t take too long. That can’t be good. But, the instructor confirmed that she hadn’t been scared by his driving.

3B is a good driver. I still worry about his immaturity but I guess you have to let them grow up, right? I mean Mes ‘Rents gave me room and always hoped that I’d grow up. I don’t think that I ever did, though.

So, yeah, he passed it on his first try. Look out WSNC (and Pinnacle and all points in between).

In all this happening, we didn’t record The Man Who Ate the Town today, but in missing that, I want to give a big shout out to our sponsors anyway. Washington Perk is your downtown purveyor of fine provisions. It’s not a grocery store, no, but it’s better than a convenience store. Sandwiches from the Perk deli counter, a wall of beer and wine, a chip corner, Larry’s Beans coffee and, of course, Wolfie’s Custard. You can find them at 301 W 4th Street in WSNC.

For the best cookies and baked goods in town, much of which is gluten-free and/or vegan, you have to go to The Humble Bee Shoppe located at 1003 Brookstown Ave in WSNC. Brittany makes everything from scratch and as we say, she wants to challenge your perception of scratch-made and give you a baked goodness experience that you’ll never forget!

Di Lisio’s Italian Family Restaurant is my favorite Italian restaurant in town. Tony is my favorite Italian. I’ve never made any bones about that, right? Kelly and The BCPF both agree with me, too. Homemade sauces, delicious seafood and meat options with a variety of pasta to choose from. Di Lisio’s goes beyond lasagne and spaghetti but if that is what you like, you will love Di Lisio’s! They”re located at 301 Brookstown Ave.

Thanks to all our sponsors for everything they do. And, hey! I’ve not received any playlists, yet. Get with it folks! And, watch out for my boy out there on the road.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I’m not ready for this…” – 3B’s mother, my “baby mama.”