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It was a slow record purchasing day for The BCPF and me yesterday but we still got some good stuff. We walked the West Highlands and grabbed breakfast at Mary’s Gourmet Diner and then made our way to Underdog Records before coming home, listening and grabbing dinner at Willows Bistro. Here’s our haul:

postal service



  • Pixies – Doolittle – #227 on the RS List. It’s one of The BCPF’s favorite albums. She said it was her high school years all over again. It was pretty good. I’d heard it whilst listening to the list backward but revisiting it on vinyl was pretty cool. New.
  • The Postal Service – Give Up – If the Pixies album was her high school, this is The BCPF’s college years, she said. It was a great listen, catchy yet still “alternative” enough to please her then-college-aged mind. New.
  • The Fresh & Onlys – Wolf Lie Down – Neither The BCPF nor I know anything about this album or even this band. It was in the clearance bin. New.
  • Archers Of Loaf – Icky Mettle – We have an album by Eric Bachmann and she says every time we listen to it that she can’t believe it’s the same guy singing. His solo stuff is much smoother than his voice with Archers of Loaf, which is quite raspy. New.
  • Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit – You just don’t pass on VG+ quality Billie Holiday when you see it. You grab it. That’s what we did.
  • Handel – Cantata: Nel Dolce Dell’ Oblio / Sonatas In D Minor & C Major / Trio Sonata In F Major – Still sealed, which is new but it was previously owned so we don’t call it new. We’re going to go with NM instead. The cover is in really near-perfect shape save a little bit of discoloration, I hope the vinyl inside matches its cover.
  • Nat King Cole / Ella Fitzgerald – Nat King Cole / Ella Fitzgerald – Her two favorite singers so you don’t pass on it when you see it. It is VG+ and is a thing of beauty.

There wasn’t a lot of fresh used that we were interested in yesterday but that’s not the norm. There are generally several pieces that I try to hunt down and that’s always part of the fun. But, like I said earlier, even though it was a short haul we got good stuff. Plus, it allowed us to catch up on some of our “need to be heard” albums. We got some of that done We still have two Record Store Day finds to listen to and hopefully will get to them in the next few days. He has a cassette deck for sale if you’re looking for one of those.

Discogs helps me when I’m standing in the middle of Underdog Records and trying to figure out if I already have this used album or that one. I have, on several occasions brought home a few used and as I was putting them in the collection, realized that I already have that particular one. Well, dang! Jonathan always works with me on those but what if he wasn’t as cool as he is? Yeah, not happening anymore because Discogs allows me to look at my collection just by clicking on the app on my phone.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Outside there’s a boxcar waiting. Outside the family stew. Out by the fire-breathing. Outside we wait ’til face turns blue. I know the nervous walking. I know the dirty beard hangs out by the boxcar waiting. Take me away to nowhere plains. There is a wait so long. You’ll never wait so long. Here comes your man.” – “Here Comes Your Man” (Thompson)