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It was a few months back when I talked about doing playlists on Spotify in regards to The Less Desirables Network “cast members.” Well, the cast has changed a bit, and it’s hard to get everyone else on my schedule. I get that. I’m not hurt, I’m fine with it. I’m going to try something else, though. 27858508_10213835617759118_6002026166368483616_n

While I’m still going to solicit those cast members on the TLDN for their playlists, I’m going to ask my readers, my listeners, my friends, and so on, to submit playlists to feature on Spotify. It will be under The Less Desirables account but each week (or two weeks, according to when I get the submissions) it will be the submitters’ lists. It can be themed. It can be nonsensical. It can be what you want. It’s your playlist.

Before I say I’m absolutely going to do this, I need to judge interest. I can get really excited about it and then have it fall on its face, are there any of you out there that would be interested in participating? There is no limit to the songs you send me but I will only put 15-20 on a list at a time. Anything left over will be held in reserve for a future list in your name or a compilation of several submitters.

If you’re interested in doing this, then submit an email to me (not an IM, not a text, not a phone call – an email!) at tim@thelessdesirables.com. In the subject line put “TLDN Playlist.” Let’s have some fun with this. Let’s have some interaction. Let’s make this ours. And, not only will it be on Spotify but on Soundsgood.co, too. I’m working on a few more things. Also, I don’t want you to make a playlist on Spotify and send it to me. I need a list emailed to me, itemized. That way I can put it under the company header and all that fun stuff.

The BCPF started this off. Her list is about covers. She (and I) is a fan of covers and this list is really a lot of songs that she heard the cover before she ever heard the original. I think that’s a cool concept. See what you can come up with, in a playlist, and send it to me!

You can see the list by visiting the TLD Network Page, thelessdesirables on Spotify or by looking up The Less Desirables network on Soundsgood.co

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“A lot of songs I heard the covers before I heard the originals.” – The BCPF