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So, Kelly and I recorded The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast today and the entire time I was on eggshells. I was constantly waiting for things to go wrong and somethings did. My workflow is completely out of whack. Things are tough all over, over here.




High Sierra has completely screwed up everything on my Mac. This is where all the things that I’ve taken up for Mac’s confusion-based existence when people complain about it prove the detractors right and me wrong. The main problem is Protools.

A little background here, I started up my Mac yesterday and went to Chrome. An alert came up and said that Chrome wouldn’t update any longer because the OS on the Mac wasn’t going to be supported any longer. Whoa! I can’t have that (can you hear the sarcasm?)! Okay, so High Sierra has been out for a while, they should have worked out the kinks by now, right? Sure, they should. Well, they may have 10.13.3 but what I downloaded was 10.13.4 and that is a world of hurt.

A lot of stuff in PT (Protools) 12.4, which is the version I was using, wasn’t compatible. What I mean by that is just about everything. So, I go looking all over the web and this update is so new that I can’t find much of anything to help me. I find out that it’s not going to work. So, okay, let me check on updating my version of PT. My sub ran out in 2016 and to update, I had to re-up that subscription. Well, that’s not cheap. $27/month of not cheap.

So, I did that and got PT 12.7. Well, guess what… 12.7 isn’t compatible with High Sierra, either. Well, it is with 10.13.3, but not 10.13.4. I find on the Avid (owners of PT) website that they recommend staying away from the latest release. Well, too late now. I have spent the last two days figuring out workarounds and troubleshooting. It’s been a long road for those two days.

In summary of that, just because I worried that Chrome wouldn’t update, it cost me $300 a year for a sub I didn’t need and two days of work, including money-making jobs. Supposedly, Avid is working on an update. There’s a new version of PT called Protools 2018 and we’ll see if that works. But, what to do in the meantime? Practice on a botched update has become more commonplace for Macs. I hope it doesn’t take too long.

On and to what you came here for. Kelly and I talked our brand new sponsor, Di Lisio’s Italian Restaurant has signed on with us and we’re glad about it. Thank you to Maria and Tony for supporting us. It enabled me to make another purchase which may be my Thursday post, at least for now. We also talked about a few restaurant closings and a few restaurant openings around town.  You can read more and hear that HERE.

Okay, back at it tomorrow.

Until then, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Is It Too Early To Upgrade To macOS High Sierra?” – Pro Tools Expert Website