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I’ve been putting off doing an OS update on the studio Mac. This is for several reasons. Just two of these reasons were: I knew it would take a while and I was worried that some of my podcast features/workflow/needs wouldn’t be compatible with the new update, called High Sierra, by the way.




Well, I was right on both counts.

The download and installation took around 80 minutes or so. I thought it would never finish. Really, I thought it would take about 20. I was sadly mistaken. It took so long that we had to cancel Fan Interference. I thought it would be done and then we’d just get back to what we were supposed to do. I’m kind of glad we canceled only because TC would have been waiting around for a while.

Once it downloaded and installed, the other part happened. A couple of things didn’t work and the settings needed to be adjusted. I’ll not get too technical and I don’t really expect many to know what I’m talking about but the sound needed to be remapped because the drivers for my audio interface were out of date and not compatible. So, those had to be remapped to match what it was in the previous version of the OS. I’m not the savviest in all that so it took a little bit to get it all back in order. Plus, the software interface that I used to record things (clips mostly) from the internet has been discontinued and I can’t get the last update to work. So, I had to find an alternative.

I was in the studio until 6:30p and that was two hours longer than I was supposed to be.  It’s fine. I got it all working, at least today I did. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, right?

Here’s hoping it all goes smoothly. Wish me luck.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“macOS High Sierra refines the features that you use every day—and brings new technologies to make your Mac ready for future innovation.” – Apple