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I meant to write this earlier today but time wasn’t on my side.

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I had yet another doctor’s appointment. It was with a dermatologist. Her name was Dr. Liu. My general practitioner referred me to her when I asked him about something on my back. no-c

About four months ago, I had a place that was a bit itchy on my back. It was one of those places that was under the skin but continued to itch no matter how much I scratched. I made it worse because I continued to scratch. At one point, it welted up and I kept on it. I rubbed it raw and it scabbed up. It became slightly discolored. It continued to itch.

So, I asked my doc about it and he said it could be eczema or it could be a basal cell (which could be cancerous). I don’t care who you are and no matter how minor it may be, you hear the “‘C’ Word” and that will mess with your mind. I’ll admit that I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and worried even though I told myself I wasn’t going to. It’s hard not to.

I had my appointment around 2:20p today and The BCPF went with me. She took about 45 seconds to look at it and then asked me to stand up (I was having a full-body exam). She said, “my goodness those are huge calves!” If you don’t know me, I have always had huge calves, even when I was a skinny kid. It was funny. We all laughed. After that, she told me that it was most likely a pinched nerve at one time and then I made it irritated and then it turned into, as she said, “a discolored itchy spot.” Not cancer. That was amazing to hear. A wash of relief came over me. That was great news. The BCPF and I high-fived each other. I didn’t want to say anything until I knew what the dealio was.

Again, I meant to talk about that earlier today but I didn’t sleep too well last night with the new CPAP. So, I napped a bit today. Tonight, I played some Cult songs with my pals Clay, Chad, Neal, and Lee. It was fun. We did pretty well. I’m tired. I’m going to bed.


Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Discolored itchy spot” – Dr. Liu