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So, this Thursday commences the 2018 NFL Draft. And, in celebration, or preparation, of this event our The Less Desirables Network show, Fan Interference, does our (almost) annual draft special. Faninterference.png

This is never a quick event. Most of the time, Fan Interference is about an hour long. Usually just shy. This special, though, is almost two and a half hours long. Yeah, it was a bit grueling but we did it.

Ty Collins didn’t do this one alone, either. He brought out some big guns for this podcast. He had SEC expert Gabe Austin call in from Atlanta as well as PAC10 expert and host of UCLA Network’s Bruins Insider, Bryan Fenley. Each talked with TC about prospects from their conferences, player bios, where they may land and what to look for from each. TC also gives his own analysis of the players all across the country and where they may go, as well. It was an in-depth show and if you’re a fan of the NFL Draft and what your teams may do, you can listen HERE. We’d appreciate the listen.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“As a sportscaster, whether it be from his time in Memphis, to prior stops in Spokane and Winston-Salem, North Carolina and even going back to his college days at UNC-Greensboro, Bryan has shown what it takes to carve out a path in this industry and climb up the ranks.” – Bryan Fenley’s website