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So, the thing I want to say first is this: as much as I don’t mind the cold, sitting outside when the temperature drops to 41° and the wind comes barreling in at 3:45am in the morning and you’re in line for the Super Bowl of Records and Vinyl. That “ish” sucks like a Hoover. But, that’s exactly what we did right outside of Underdog Records. The BCPF and I camped along with a few of our vinyl friends all night Friday night/Saturday morning to be the first four (actually six but two pairs and two individuals) in the door to make sure we get our wants/wishlist filled for Record Store Day.


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We went to eat at Mary’s Gourmet Diner directly after and then we went home and crashed for FIVE hours. We got up and listened a little before heading to Willows Bistro to have dinner with friends of ours, The Johnsons. Anywhat! You came for the list, right? I will say that all of these are brand new/NM (because I’m opening them). I’ll also put down who wanted and/or picked it up (Scorp/The BCPF). Here is the list:

  • Fleetwood Mac – The Alternate Tango In The Night – I love the original Tango in the Night. I was kind of disappointed with this. I mean, it’s good, but I was hoping for true alternate takes of “Big Love” and “Everywhere.” There were cool things on it, but I didn’t get my full satisfaction out of it but that’s okay. I’ll listen over and over anyways. This was my top RSD priority. (Scorp)
  • Living Colour – “Live From CGGB’s” Tuesday 12/19/89 – Actually picked up by The BCPF. She saw them open for the Rolling Stones on this tour and wanted to capture it. I’d think it was a little out of her wheelhouse but I was happy she got it. I have always loved what I’ve heard from Living Colour. 2xLP. (The BCPF)
  • The Cure – Mixed Up – A remastered remix album that came out on my 20th birthday (which, by the way, means 1990) and The BCPF loved it. It’s on a 2xLP picture disc set and it’s pretty awesome. I loved the remixes, too. I hadn’t heard them before.  2xLP. (The BCPF)
  • The Cure – Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018 – A sequel to the 1990 remix album Mixed Up. It is even more remixes, done by Robert Smith. 2xLP. (The BCPF)
  • Adam Sandler – They’re All Gonna Laugh At You! – My favorite Adam Sandler album. I got the only one that Jonathan got in. I don’t know how many he ordered but he only received one. I think it’s Sandler’s best. A mix of really great sketches and really good songs. There may be a clunker here and there but overall, it’s great! I’m glad I was where I was in line because the guy behind us wanted it and he drove all the way from New Bern to do his RSD shopping. Sorry, Jason. Looking at his haul though, I’d say he spent close to if not over $1000 that day, so I figured I saved him a few bucks. 2xLP. (Scorp)
  • Ella Fitzgerald – Ella At Zardi’s – Zardi’s Jazzland was a jazz-focused music venue in Los Angeles in the ’50s. It was world-famous and a lot of top-name jazz folks played there, including, Ella. There were only two of these that Jonathan got and it was a top priority for The BCPF, which because our pal Michael got the other, left our friend Bill out. Sorry, Bill. 2xLP (The BCPF)
  • Wilco – Live At The Troubadour L.A. 1996 – The BCPF is a Wilco fan and this is a 2xLP of the band in their heyday, at their peak. I like Wilco pretty well. It’s not my favorite but it is cool. (The BCPF)
  • The Sundays – Reading, Writing And Arithmetic – The absolute top priority for The BCPF, this completes the Sundays trilogy. It’s a reissue but she had them all on CD when she was younger. I’m glad she got it. (The BCPF)
  • Jeff Buckley – Live At Sin-é – The Sin-é Coffeehouse in Manhattan’s East Village was a jumping in point for a good amount of well-known musicians, including Mr. Buckley. This 4xLP is the complete version of his 4-song EP that was released in 1993. The “Legacy” collection (4xLP) was released in 2003 but only on CD. I could be wrong but I believe this is its first time released on vinyl. (The BCPF)
  • Madonna – The First Album – Picture disc of Madge’s first album with “Borderline,” “Holiday” and “Lucky Star.” It was surprisingly inexpensive. It will be fun listening to it. (The BCPF)
  • Neil Young – Roxy Tonight’s The Night Live – A live concert from Neil Young recorded in 1973, although the official release isn’t until next Saturday. Yay us for getting an early copy. It’s 2xLP but only three sides. The fourth side is etched. (The BCPF)
  • Pink Floyd – The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn – The mono version of the debut Pink Floyd album. I wasn’t going to get it but then I figured, I can’t not get it. I won’t get this chance again unless I am ready to pay 20% markup on them. I’ll admit this isn’t a favorite of mine but it is needed for the RS List (#347) but it’s a limited edition. (Scorp)
  • David Bowie – Welcome To The Blackout (Live London ’78) – As the title suggests, it’s live from 1978. Bowie wasn’t ever “not good” and I loved the late 70s/early 80s stuff. This is a 3xLP set, too. (Scorp)
  • David Bowie – Bowie Now – Compilation rerelease on white vinyl. (The BCPF)
  • Lou Reed – Animal Serenade – A 3xLP live album recorded in Los Angeles at the Wiltern Theatre in 2003 after The Raven. The show features a drummer-less band (including Mike Rathke on guitar/synth, bassist, vocalist Fernando Saunders, and the cello of Jane Scarpantoni). Reed delivers dramatic readings of some of his most compelling work. In addition, Anohni, of Antony and the Johnsons fame, contributes background vocals throughout and sings the lead on “Set The Twilight Reeling” and “Candy Says.” (The BCPF)
  • Duran Duran – Thanksgiving Live – The Ultra Chrome, Latex And Steel Tour – A 2xLP of Duran Duran on tour in 1997. (Scorp)
  • Duran Duran – Budokan – A brief live performance from Duran Duran in Japan. There are only nine songs, but they sound fantastic. Simon’s voice is on point and you can really hear everything coming through. (Scorp)
  • Dylan & The Dead – Dylan & The Dead – Just what it sounds like it would be. You can guess who picked this one up but I’ll give you a hint, it was not me. (The BCPF)
  • The Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties Request – I’m very surprised this wasn’t on the RS List. A cool lenticular cover and gatefold packaging. I like KISS’ version of “2000 Man” better, but this isn’t bad. It’s on blue-splattered vinyl. (The BCPF)
  • Human League – Secrets – Vinyl debut and reissue of their 2001 album. (Scorp)
  • Sufjan Stevens – Mystery Of Love – 10″ transparent vinyl of Sufjan Stevens single from the soundtrack of Call Me By Your Name. (The BCPF)

So, by my count, that’s 13 for The BCPF and 7 for Scorp. Not a contest at all and it just is what it is. We both got what we wanted and that’s cool. The only thing I missed was the reissue of the Whitesnake ’87 album which I’ll find somewhere later. It was just a good haul. If I haven’t already told you how much we paid, privately, you’ll have to just guess. No reason to broadcast that, but I will say it was over $70.

Jonathan was swamped but in a great mood when we left, I hope it stayed that way and I hope he made all his money back and more. I believe he’s open today for a rare Sunday opening. That may have changed but may not have. Check the Underdog Records social media channels.

Surprisingly, Discogs had all of them in by the time I got to them, however, some were just the European versions (which should be about the same), so I’ll go looking for the US versions to make the collection listing more accurate. That’s it, I’m still tired and I’m out!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp is worn out!

“Whenever I’m alone with you, you make me feel like I am home again. Whenever I’m alone with you, you make me feel like I am whole again. Whenever I’m alone with you, you make me feel like I am young again. Whenever I’m alone with you, you make me feel like I am fun again.” – “Lovesong” (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/O’Donnell/Williams/Tolhurst)