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It was a cold, dreary but fun day for The BCPF and me yesterday. Mary’s early, Underdog Records, Costco to find another record storage shelf (they didn’t have them but we ordered one from the online store), back home to listen to our haul and finally, Willows. Hey did I mention Underdog Records? Here’s the haul:


©TVT Records


  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Sex & Food – I heard some of the UMO stuff when I was making the Underdog commercial for The Less Desirables on Wednesday. This album hadn’t come out, yet, but I did go listen to their previous one and thought it was great. This one will have to grow on me a bit but it is a decent album. It’s on nice, heavy, “Pepto” pink vinyl, too. New.
  • Cream – Disraeli Gears – #114 on the RS List. I’m not a Clapton fan and really, I’m not a Cream fan, but this is a good album. It is used but in VG+ shape and is on 180g black vinyl. It’s a reissue but I don’t really care that much about that.
  • The Jam – The Gift – I have heard Doug Davis, yes, that Doug Davis, talk about The Jam before, as I have other folks as well. I was familiar with “Town Called Malice” but nothing else. The album is a pretty good listen. I liked it. VG+.
  • Neutral Milk Hotel – On Avery Island – I had never even heard of this band until about two months ago when someone was comparing them to another band (which band escapes me). What kind of name is that? I’d ask. Anywhat! I would have been okay had I never heard of them. This isn’t bad, but I just don’t care. I have it. The BCPF “likes” them. She’s not crazy about them but they’re her wheelhouse. VG+
  • The Connells – Boylan Heights – The BCPF let out an audible moan when she saw this. She was almost jumping up and down on the little step stool she was standing on. Okay, okay, I’ll add it. She was very excited about it. I listened. I don’t get the big deal but okay. I heard nothing “special” but if she’s happy, that’s what really matters. And, my pal Mitch Easter produced it! VG+.
  • Blondie – AutoAmerican – “Rapture” and “The Tide is High” are on this album. The rest is a little weird at times, but it was a great listen. It’s a fun album. VG+.
  • Leo Sayer – Endless Flight – I’m just a sucker for the Yacht Rock lot. “When I Need You” and “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” (which I know isn’t technically Yacht material but the former is) are on this and there’s a lot of my favorite studio musicians playing on it. VG++ condition.
  • Rod Stewart – Tonight I’m Yours – The first song I remember hearing from Rod Stewart (and knowing it was Rod Stewart) was “Young Turks.” I had it on 45. His version of Ace’s “How Long” (written by Paul Carrack) and Dylan’s “Just Like a Woman” is pretty good, too. Overall, this is a decent album but certainly not a “great” album. VG+.
  • Mott The Hoople – All The Young Dudes – #484 on the RS list. I saw this one from the back in the $1 rack. I was like oh yeah! I needed a little love. I cleaned it. There’s surface noise, sure, but for the most part, it turned out to be VG. This album also demonstrates how a Velvet Underground song can sound good. Let someone other than Velvet Underground do it.
  • Marvin Gaye – Moods Of Marvin Gaye – Beaten up and a little moldy, I cleaned it up and there was a little skippage happening but it was Good. It has been through it, I think. Of course, $1 bin find.
  • Freddie Jackson – Rock Me Tonight – Knowing songs from this album deemed me “the coolest white boy in school” when I was in high school. I am a sucker for slow jams and “You Are My Lady” is one of my goto slow jams (or is it jamz?). So, you can imagine my almost The BCPF-like squeal when I saw it in the $1 bin. Yep. I did. VG.
  • Seals & Crofts – Unborn Child – I mentioned Yacht Rock, right? Yeah, ’nuff said. $1 bin find and it’s G+; a little beaten up but we’ll see how it plays.
  • Walter Carlos – Switched-On Bach – Yeah, I want to hear 60s synths doing Bach. I don’t care much for Bach’s organ work, but I love me some synthesizers. Do it, Walter Carlos! G+ $1 bin find.

Not a huge haul this week. We’re saving money for Record Store Day which is coming April 21. Jonathan has already said he’s ordered almost all of the day’s offerings. That may be the perfect time for you to get back into vinyl. There are special editions, reissues, collections, and more. Visit the website to see what is coming out.

While we were in there yesterday I looked at a Denon and a Yamaha turntables. Each was over $500. But, they looked so danged cool. I’m sure they play great, too. But, not to worry, Jonathan has less expensive turntables, including beginner-/entry-level models. He sometimes carries new but for the most part, it is a used inventory. Great stuff, nonetheless.

Also, I use Discogs to catalog my collection and bring you “the Haul” every week. More than that, I have ordered a few things off the Marketplace if I am looking for something specific and I am noticing that there’s not a lot of them coming through Underdog (which isn’t often). Check them out, too.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Keep spinnin’!

“Fab Five Freddie told me everybody’s high, DJ’s spinnin’ are savin’ my mind. Flash is fast, Flash is cool. Francois sez fas, Flashe’ no do. And you don’t stop, sure shot. Go out to the parking lot. And you get in your car and you drive real far. And you drive all night and then you see a light. And it comes right down and lands on the ground. And out comes a man from Mars. And you try to run but he’s got a gun. And he shoots you dead and he eats your head. And then you’re in the man from Mars. You go out at night, eatin’ cars. You eat Cadillacs, Lincolns too; Mercury’s and Subaru’s. And you don’t stop, you keep on eatin’ cars.” – “Rapture” (Stein/Harry)