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So, today on The Man Who Ate the Town, Kelly and I got to do something we hadn’t really gotten to do, yet. We got to answer listener email/questions! Yay! That was fun. Listener John P. asked us to investigate some things and that’s what we did. They asked about Alma Mexicana, Penny Path Cafe & Crepes, Waldo’s Wings Downtown and the upcoming Canteen Market & Bistro. We also talked about a new ramen restaurant coming to Winston. It’s exciting stuff! You can hear the episode HERE.



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We’d love to field more listeners’ questions, so how about it? You have questions for us? Send an email to me or to Kelly and ask away!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
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“Alma Mexicana will provide fresh, fast counter service to the busy downtown lunch crowd and a seated, upscale sharing menu and margaritas in the evening.” – Alma Mexicana