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Yesterday was a cold, snotty, sleety, crappy-weathered day. But, I had my best gal and we had each other to keep warm and enjoy some record listening. That means, of course, that we went by Underdog Records! And, here is what we got:

So, a pretty good haul. I was especially excited about the Dire Straits album even with the truncated first side. That and the Rickie Lee Jones were worth the whole thing. Good stuff.

New to vinyl? Want to get into vinyl? Returning to vinyl? Don’t go spend a ton of money on brand new equipment when you can get quality used stuff from Jonathan at Underdog Records. If you decide you want to get deeper into the “lifestyle” then you can go spend big bucks. But, don’t just jump in. My two cents.

Discogs is also a great way to catalog your collection, see your friends’ collections and even purchase used and new vinyl in the marketplace. It’s a great site and a great resource.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Is that her? What’s her name? Oh, it’s never going to be same. But that’s not her. I know what’s wrong – Chuck E’s in love with the little girl who’s singing this song.” – “Chuck E’s in Love” (Jones)