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Yeah, I usually piggyback on Tuesdays with The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast. But, I’m going to do one a day early, too. This time it’s a video.

I’ve been eating this protein meal replacement shake powder about two days a week for a few weeks, now. I get bored with routine after a while, so I have to shake things up. And, my friend Tim at BeYou360Fitness, from whom I get the product is always looking for ways for his clients to “shake” up these replacement shakes.

Usually, I just put some fruit in there with ice and water and throw it in my Ninja. It’s been strawberries and bananas or blackberries or mango. Strawberry/banana has been best. Blackberries have way too many seeds and mango is a very neutral flavor. The powder on its own tastes like white birthday cake, which is fine but I need change.

So, today, I took two packages of Chobani coffee & cream blended yogurt and added them to the mix. Now, flavor-wise, it was pretty good. Lots of coffee flavor with the cakey flavor. That was good. But, the consistency was not so fantastic. It was gloppy and thick. Creamy but thick.

I believe the problem was that there was so much yogurt that space in the blending the water and ice was limited. The water was needed to help thin the liquid out a bit. And, the ice, obviously, keeps it cooler. Forty minutes after making it, it was warm and that was not good for consistency or flavor.

But, now that I have figured out that I can do with just one container of yogurt, I can experiment with different flavors of the yogurt, use more water and more ice. That will be good.

Now, someone told me I have to worry about extra sugar with the yogurt. I don’t really care about that part. If I wasn’t doing the meal replacement, I’d be doing the yogurt by itself or I’d not be eating anything. So, I figure the tablespoon of sugar I’m adding is worth the protein. Chobani does a great job and of the flavored choices, they’re probably the best in that realm.

Anywhat! Here’s the video showing the experiment and my assessment. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Coffee and cream—blending together in a beautiful balance of color and flavor in a cup of yogurt yearning to be a mug.” – Chobani