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Today is the birthday of one of my two favorite people in the world. She is the reason I’m alive. Not the reason I was born. That was Ma Mère. She is the reason I’m still here. She is my life. 27858508_10213835617759118_6002026166368483616_n

The BCPF was born on this day, a few years back. She’s still young. I could go into a 1000 word rant about what she means to me. But, I say that every year. All I know is that every year, every month, every week, every day… I love her more and more.

She takes care of me. She makes sure I’m eating right. She makes sure I’m taking my pills. She makes sure I’m using my CPAP when I’m sleeping. She nursed me back to health after my heart surgery (yes, we had a team but she was the leader of that team). Therefore, she is the reason I’m still here.

She is my biggest supporter in life, in business, in my performances, in raising my son. She takes care of her mother and anyone who needs her. She goes above and beyond for every single thing in my life. I know this is post has a lot of “me” in it. But, truthfully, I am nothing without her.

Are we the most disgustingly cute couple out there? Yep. Do we make people sick from our PDA? Yep. Do we care? Nope. I will shout it from the top of the Winston Tower with a megaphone if I needed to. I love this woman.

She has to work today. We will go out tonight for sushi with a couple of pals. We will work up a bigger deal a little later. Timing with her new job, the VSS show and the green holiday coming up, we want it to be when people can come and celebrate her like I do every day. She always makes sure that I have the shindig of the year and it’s her turn.

But, until we can have that special deal with her, FOR her, I want her to know that she means everything to me and I hope her birthday is unforgettable. I love you, Stephanie!

Until tomorrow, it’s all about her…
Scorp out!

“Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.