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Tonight is the night. There has been a big buildup in the local media about this this week. The “old new Ziggy’s” is getting its fresh new makeover and it’s a “royal” one. queen-logo-0C3566206E-seeklogo.com

Tonight is the grand opening of The Ramkat and for the opening, it’s the incomparable Vagabond Saints Society doing a night of Queen. Yes, Queen.

I believe, if I’m not mistaken when you take into account the sheer scope of the situation –  the biggest music venue opening in the last many years, having a massive choir to sing, the 11 on a 10 scale difficulty, singing Freddie Mercury – this is probably the biggest show in the history of the Vagabond Saints Society.  It’s scary and exciting all at the same time.

Yes, if you were wondering, I am participating. I’m part of the choir. That in itself isn’t a huge deal. The fact that most of my parts are the “soprano” parts, when I’m a baritone/tenor, that’s a pretty big deal. At least for me. Doug Davis, yes that Doug Davis, said that he could use my falsetto because Queen drummer Roger Taylor has an amazing falsetto (or at least he did back then). I was kind of scared shiteless when I got the assignments, but really they’re not that bad and I’ve been through three practices (once with choir) and I held my own. Luckily, I’m not the only soprano, there are several of us.

But, wait! There’s more! I am also doing lead on two songs. Two that I requested, so I”m really looking forward to them. I’m not going to tell you which two, you’ll have to come to find out (or wait until some video surfaces).

This is going to be a big night and the place will be packed so I suggest you buy your tix early, which you can do right here. This is soooo exciting! I want to see your smiling faces there and help us sing these songs that you have grown up singing and been singing all these years.

Until tomorrow (or tonight!!!)…
Scorp out!

“Oh… won’t you take me home tonight?” – “Fat Bottomed Girls” (May)