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So, today, I was finally able to get a new “As Ardmore Turns” done for The Less Desirables Podcast. With all that I’ve had going on, I hadn’t done one since January. Ardmore street sign

A few people complained and I get that, but you have to realize that an eight-minute episode takes sometimes up to two hours to do. The longer the episode the longer the time. This week’s episode is 20 minutes long. That’s almost three and a half hours of work. I will admit when I’m doing them regularly, that time is slowed down; I get a rhythm. When I don’t, I have to get back to the groove.

Plus, Ardmore hasn’t been giving me much material to work with. They fluctuate between mediocre and downright boring, at least as of late. I guess that’s good if you’re an Ardmorian, but not good when you are used to capitalizing on their drama.

So, for this episode, I had to break out of the confines of Ardmore and Ardless, beyond the borders of Silas Creek/Cloverdale and Knollwood/First Street and head to where the real drama seems to be stirring: downtown.

So, this week some paranoia over some parked cars is the subject, just to let you know. And it was a long episode, like I said (20 minutes). So, it comes out this Wednesday. Keep your ears out!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Do you know this car?” – Jillian