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After a week off, it was back to the routine and that included our return to Underdog Records. My only regret for the trip to Asheville was that I didn’t go to any record stores up there. But, we’re back and here’s what we got!


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  • Jerry Goldsmith – Chinatown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – I love soundtracks. I love Jerry Goldsmith. This was in the clearance bin for $10. Done! New.
  • Superchunk – What A Time To Be Alive – The BCPF is a big fan of these folks. I’ve even seen them in concert twice with her. It’s good stuff. New on clear/colored vinyl.
  • The Breeders – All Nerve – The Deal twins got the band back together and this is their first release in a number of years. It sounds like they just picked up where they left off. They have a sound and this is it. Orange vinyl. New.
  • Soccer Mommy – Clean – When I was making the commercial for Underdog this week, I included a bit of a tune from this album. I thought it was right up The BCPF’s alley and I was right. She liked it a lot! New on clear vinyl.
  • Van Morrison – Moondance – #66 on the RS list. I really like this one from Van. He’s sometimes hit or miss with me but this is a hit. VG++.
  • Sonic Youth – Dirty – Another favorite of The BCPF. It’s a little heavier than I’m used to with her so it is always odd to hear her play it, but, she enjoys it. VG++.
  • Britny Fox – Britny Fox – Some of the hair stuff that I didn’t really listen to when I was younger and into that genre. I didn’t not like it, I just preferred Cinderella. Does that make this one of the evil stepsisters? I don’t know. VG+.
  • Queen – A Day At The Races – So, the big Queen show is coming this week. I do research for it. I have wanted to collect all the Queen stuff and this was there used and in what I’d call NM condition, about $10 cheaper than new. No brainer.
  • Elvis Presley – From Elvis In Memphis – #190 on the RS list. VG+ original that I can tell. Yes, please!
  • Doctor Hook And The Medicine Show – Doctor Hook – One of my favorite Dr. Hook songs is “Sylvia’s Mother.” That is on this album and I’m happy about it. It was a VG+ copy, so yes.
  • England Dan & John Ford Coley – Nights Are Forever – In what someone called the “most 70s looking cover,” I had to get this because I love the song “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight.” The whole album was pretty righteous. Sappy 70s sugary pop stuffs but still pretty righteous. NM condition, too.
  • Roberta Flack – Killing Me Softly – I have always challenged anyone to find me a singer that delivers with the sexiness of Sade. This comes very close, but not quite there. This is a great album, though. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. VG+.
  • Various – Jesus Christ Superstar (The Original Motion Picture Sound Track Album) – I have the original Broadway cast recording with Ian Gillan and Murray Head. I have always maintained that I liked the movie version better. Listening to the Broadway version a little more challenges that. So, now I have both and I can A/B them if I want. VG+.
  • Daryl Hall & John Oates – Along The Red Ledge – I see no titles that I’m familiar with on the track listing. But, it’s adding to the H&O canon. It was just $2 so I figured what the heck. VG.
  • The Hollies – The Very Best Of The Hollies – Funny to Graham Nash that young. VG+.
  • Various – Storytellers – VG+. A 2xLP compilation of several 70s tunes from 1979.
  • Yes – The Yes Album – Even though it was their third album, I think this is where they came into their own as an original band. The first two, from what I understand was a lot of covers. I have my hits and misses with Yes, but I think the band is great. I haven’t listened to this yet. $1 bin find. VG.
  • Firefall – Firefall – I bought this one for $1 for just one song. It turns out the whole album is pretty darned good. VG+.
  • Cheap Trick – Cheap Trick At Budokan – What I figure to be an original recording, I got this for $1. #426 on the RS list. It’s VG.
  • Various – 20 Power Hits Volume 2 – Another K-Tel comp that I found for $1. This one is from 1973. G+.
  • Air Supply – Greatest Hits – I am unashamedly a fan of Air Supply. I had this on cassette and CD (I think) and I have fond memories of my friend Scotty Byrd and I doing this album’s songs, karaoke-style when I lived in WV. $1 bin find. VG.

I told you earlier this week about the albums that Jerry Chapman, yes, that Jerry Chapman had sent me. These are those (thanks, Jerry!!!):

So, it was a great week to be a record collector in our house!

Underdog Records is running a new special for March. Jonathan repriced a lot of the $1 records to $.50. That part isn’t just for March. What is for March is if you pick 5 of those $.50 albums, you’ll get them for $.20 each. So, Five for $1. That’s pretty awesome. Also, make sure you listen to The Less Desirables on Wednesdays for the TLD/UR special of the week. I don’t announce those anywhere else so you could be missing out on stuff.

Also, use Discogs to catalog your collection!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

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