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So, The BCPF and I didn’t go to Underdog Records this weekend because we were up in the mountains with The Beer Dads crew, at least most of them. We were missing one couple that has become part of the family. That was a shame but we had a fantastic time up in Asheville. Keep an eye out for The Man Who Ate the Town blog and podcast this week because I’ll be talking about one restaurant, in particular, Cúrate (pronounced coo-rah-tay).


The Beer Dads group in front of Sierra Nevada’s Asheville facility. “Malt” Disney World.


We were in Asheville and that really means one thing: Beer! We visited Sierra Nevada and DANG! that was as someone called “Malt” Disney World. Once you get past the regular pale ale, you get some fantastic brews. Man… That was amazing and it was so beautiful a location, spot, and facility. Unless you go there, you’ll never understand the attraction. I wouldn’t have either. We also visited French Broad Brewery. That was more “our speed.” A little hole in the wall that was like Hoots but with less “class.” The brews were good, there.

We also made our way to Wedge Brewing down around the River Arts District. And after eating a decent meal at Twisted Laurel, we walked down to Wicked Weed‘s brewpub and tap room. We wanted to go to the Funkatorium but we were done. Not a single beer that I had yesterday was under 8%. So, I was tapping out. And, we were back in the room and in bed by 10pm (even before).

Tonight, we’re having more homegrown flavors. The Beer Dads are going to Willows for the Willows/Wise Man Beer Dinner. I think I’ll be off beer except for Wednesday until next week. Tonight, though, is guaranteed to be awesome. I mean, Wise Man and Chefs Travis and Brent. C’mon. We’ve won and we’ve not even gotten there, yet. I’ll be writing/talking about that, this week, as well. Stay tuned!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Cúrate is a celebration of traditional Spanish cuisine. If you have ever visited Spain, Cúrate’s menu will transport you back to the country of flamenco, olives, almonds, and sherry. If you’ve never been to Spain, Cúrate will introduce you to the country’s lively tapas bar tradition of small plate dining on foods flavored with a touch of sherry, or perhaps smoky paprika, and always the choicest olive oil.” – Cúrate