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As The Beer Dads embark on our first actual “mini-vacation” with each other to the nether regions of Asheville, NC, this weekend, I wonder if that will be enough beer for us? I mean, Asheville is the beer capital of the east. Several major breweries from the mid-west and west coast have built their “eastern headquarters” there.


There are many reasons why, but it has boomed and we are all lucky to have them.

So, yeah, we’re going up there. We’re going to have a lot of beer and food and fun hanging with each other. I said I wonder if there will be enough beer. The good news is, we don’t have to worry because when we get back on Sunday, we will have even more beer to imbibe. Good beer at that!

Sunday, Willows Bistro and Wise Man Brewing from here in WSNC are teaming up to have a fantastical beer pairing dinner. This TEN-course meal will pair the culinary wizardry of Chefs Travis Myers and Brent Andruzzi with the liquid gold (and sometimes black gold) of Wise Man Brewing. Ten courses. Willows. Wise Man.

Man, that’s a lot of awesome at one time. And, The Beer Dads will be doing their return podcast from there and hosting the event. We can’t recommend it enough.

I know what you’re asking. Isn’t The Beer Dads presented by Hoots Beer Company? Why, yes. Yes, we are, but I’ve cleared it with the Hoots folk and they say it’s cool. We’re all good, here. Plus, those breweries are pals, too. I love our beer community here.

So, here’s the thing. Willows has some spaces left open. That’s where you come in. You and your pals/significant others/family (of drinking age of course), should all be there. You should experience this, too.

The cost of the event is $75 per person. But, it’s TEN courses with beer! The food will be amazing, the beer will be amazing, the fun will be amazing. Trust me. You’ll have a wonderful time.

If you’re interested in attending this dinner, contact Willows and make your rezzie now because the event is Sunday. You can call 336-293-4601. Willows is located at 300 S Liberty Street if you didn’t already know. I want to see your smiling and thirsty faces there. Come say hi and come hungry!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Great Food!! Great Beer!! Great Company!!” – Willows/Wise Man Beer Dinner