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Dear Reader, if you remember about this time last year, I was slowed in my posts. I posted every day but my content was slim. I guess you can say that it has been a bit thin over the last bit anyway, but now, we are at the biggest job of the year for me.

I don’t have to hide what it is I’m doing but I can’t necessarily tell you details. The Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership’s 2017 Downtown Excellence Awards are next Wednesday and I am the one that puts the award videos together, along with voice-overs.


Because the award winners are determined at the end of January and the Annual Meeting for the DWSP is end of February, that leaves little time to gather the info, write the copy (that’s The BCPF’s contribution to this), have it approved, do the voice-overs, have those approved, compile the images, put them in a video and have those approved. It’s not a simple process, not with the rest of my jobs taken into account.

So, we’re in the midst of that. Every minute that I’m not working on the podcasts this week (including not having a couple of them) and when I’m not with The Boy, 3B, I’ll probably be working on them. So, for the next week, just know that my posts will be, again, slim. Expect videos and songs.

I can still be creative without posting 350 words. Even this isn’t 350 words. I think I’ve said a good bit. You’re not on the backburner, I’m sure you understand the sitch. I appreciate your patience in this process, too.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“To make downtown a destination by creating a core of vibrant, intense mixed uses in a pedestrian-friendly environment with emphasis on major employment centers, restaurants, supportive and festive retail activities, entertainment, arts and downtown residential uses.” – DWSP Mission Statement