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Jeez o’Pete!! I don’t care if it’s gun control, mental health, worms in fish or other food, or any other topic on Facebook today…
It is evident that no one can spell, use spellcheck, autocorrect or take time to proofread their posts.
There is no argument that I can take seriously on here because I can’t read any of the posts without getting a headache. The posters’ responses and arguments make not a damned bit of sense.
I’m okay with the abbreviations and all that mess, but dang, y’all!! Get your lack of grammar etiquette under control. Literally, I can’t understand what half of the posters are saying.
I would like to believe that they are, at least, somewhat intelligent. But, reading this crap, it sounds like there are three brain cells in their heads and those three cells are all having a staring contest. 
I don’t care what side you’re on when it comes to just about any issue. I will at least listen to your argument, but if you can’t at least make sure the argument is legible and/or decipherable, then get the heck off of your soapbox; you don’t deserve to be heard.
Yes, I’m with the Grammar Police. Yes, I proofread my posts. If I find a mistake, I go back and edit it to correct those mistakes, usually. Some get past me, I get that, but when every. Single. Post these people post makes no sense, it is mind-numbing and no one’s point gets taken into account. If someone has long drawn-out ramblings (on all sides of any argument), it’s already hard enough to follow what 90% are even talking about. Add in the horrible spelling or completely wrong words…? You have yourself a full-blown cluster-mess of baloney. Even if I agree with your stance, you come off as stupid.
Does this make me pretentious? Maybe. Does it just rake every last nerve I have to see people butcher the English language? Yes. Do I hold someone’s ability spell (or at least get close!) against them and their intelligence? Yes. Am I allowed to do that? Yes. Are they allowed to spell incoherently? Yes. But, I reserve my right to think them dumb.
Am I perfect? Am I infallible? Heck no! But, usually, I can get my point across legibly. These aren’t plain mistakes by the posters. These are one of the highest forms of negligence. You want me to listen and understand you? It’s your responsibility to convey the message, not the other way around. My lack of a working attention span notwithstanding, I will soon stop giving a shite about what it is you’re saying. Communicate with me, properly, and I’ll give you a chance. Okay?!?
No wonder we have problems in this country. No one knows how to communicate any longer. Verbally, orally, written or inflection. Pay attention to what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. We could cut, in my estimation, about 40% of the miscommunication in this country if we just paid attention.
Okay, soapbox back under the bed.
Until tomorrow, using spellcheck and Grammarly…
Scorp out!

“When our spelling is perfect, it’s invisible. But when it’s flawed, it prompts strong negative associations.” – Marilyn vos Savant