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This past Saturday, after we did our “Saturday Thang,” we had a little party, a get together if you will, at The Less Desirables Official Emerald Isle, Finnigan’s Wake. There was a decent crowd. I would have liked it to be bigger, but there were several factors involved.


The Original The Less Desirables (l-r) Brian, Tim, Eugene


One, it was the Saturday before Valentine’s Day, which is this Wednesday. So, I figure there were a lot of folks that went out to eat at that time; that was their date time.

Two, the weather was atrocious. It was snotty and wet. Some people just don’t go out in that. If we didn’t have this party, we’d have gone to dinner and gone home. I get it.

Third, I was a little late getting the invites out. However, I really enjoyed the folk that came out.

Let’s throw this down first. The BCPF was with me. She is so supportive of me and TLD. She has always been. I love when she’s by my side.

Superfan Damien made his way out here from Durham. He was the first in and the last one out. That’s awesome. My new pal, Tim and his wife, Amy (whom I have known since she was 14), were there. Past TLD guest, Tracy Bush, the Nutrimom, was there and she had an entourage. Friends Michael and Karen Hoch were there. Also, a past guest, Jordan Googe, was there. A childhood friend, Shonna came and brought her friend Misty. Bethany from The Less Desirables was there for her first TLD party. My new friend Jeff (whom I’ll be doing a podcast with soon) brought a pal of his.

I loved having all those folks there with me. But, I was in for a very unexpected surprise. Two very special guests showed up, surprising me. Eugene was across the street doing work at the local radio station. He came over and sat with us for a bit.

But, the big one was Brian. Brian, the ORIGINAL co-host of TLD. He what started the show with me over eight years ago. He came down from Virginia to celebrate with us. I had chills and was so excited. Both him and Eug being there was amazing.

I thank each and every one of the attendees for being there and their support. Thank you, too, to Opie and the folks at Finnigan’s Wake for their support of us over the years. Thank you to Laura and Brittany for taking care of all of us.

Thank you, Dear Reader, for your support of us over the years, as well.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“So don’t do it…” – Brian Attridge