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Last night there was a shindig at Finnigans for the anniversary of The Less Desirables. However, that’s a post for tomorrow. Yesterday, before the “gala,” we did our usual “Saturday Thang” which included, of course, Underdog Records. It was a rainy and miserable day (much of like today’s forecast), but we got some good records. Like…

  • George Harrison – The Best Of George Harrison – Side 1 is his Beatles greatest hits and Side 2 is his solo stuff. VG+.
  • Stan Getz / Eddie Sauter – Focus – Original mono pressing in VG condition. I love Stan Getz.
  • Rush – Exit…Stage Left – 2xLP live album, mostly recorded during their Moving Pictures tour (some of it was on the tour prior), in which I love the track listing but I thought some of the Side 1 was muddy. It seemed to clear up, or I just got used to it. VG+.
  • The Alan Parsons Project – Pyramid – I have really loved getting into the Alan Parsons Project. Everything is a little ethereal, a little rocking and a little pop. It’s difficult to explain but I dig it. Great album. VG/VG+.
  • Stray Cats – Built For Speed – This album rocked. Two of their biggest hits, “Stray Cat Strut” and “Rock This Town,” are on here. The whole album is pretty cool. I have to say that I get tired of the “rockabilly” thing after a bit but what I liked, I really liked. VG+.
  • Isaac Hayes – Truck Turner (Original Soundtrack) – The copy of this once belonged to WFDD here in WSNC. There’s a big orange sticker that says so and I can’t get that off, I don’t think. Even with Goo Gone. I’m not going to try. It adds to its charm. Wh doesn’t dig some Isaac Hayes, right Chef? VG+.
  • Tim Curry – Fearless – So, I saw this and I know that I love Tim Curry. I figured I have to have it, right? So, we got it. VG+ condition. It is not bad… but it is some weird stuff. Not weird in the songs. Some are ballads and some are heavy rockers. But, if you can imagine Frank-N-Furter standing in the studio recording an album. This is that.
  • The Beatles – The Beatles’ Second Album – So, this is technically their third US album because Capital released some after Vee-Jay Records did which coincided with the EMI stuff in the UK and… if you could see me right now, I’d be waving my hand and saying, you know what, that’s not important. It’s in Fair condition but it is The Beatles and it is an amalgamation of several of their UK albums, which, to me, is the better discography. But, this is mono and yadda yadda yadda.
  • Emmylou Harris – Pieces Of The Sky – VG+ copy of this Emmylou classic. The BCPF is really getting into her and I’ll admit, I don’t mind it.
  • The Moravian Festival Chorus And OrchestraThor Johnson – Music Of The American Moravians – The BCPF worked at Old Salem for eight years. She loves her some Moravian history and culture and all that mess. I don’t know what this will be but she certainly wanted it and well, that means she gets it. VG+.
  • Simon & Garfunkel – Sounds Of Silence – As far as I can tell, this is an original pressing. It’s in VG shape and we have to have anything that says S&G on it, or just Simon or just Garfunkel.
  • Frank Loesser – Guys & Dolls: A Musical Fable Of Broadway – I love musicals and I loved the film version of this, so let’s hear the original cast do it. This was an NM copy.
  • Various – 50 Years Of Film – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Recordings Of The Great Scenes And Stars From The Warner Bros. Classics, 1923 To 1973 – I love soundtracks and film scores. This is 50 years of it from the Warner Bros classics. It’s 3xLP in VG/VG+ condition.
  • Various – Music Machine – Another K-Tel compilation. It’s pretty beat up but from 1977/78 or so. G? I dunno.
  • Santana – Abraxas – #207 on the RS list. This is pretty beat up. I’m going to give it a listen and see if it’s worth keeping. If not, I’ll look for a better copy. It was in the $1 bin and is in F+/G shape, at least before I play it.
  • Luciano Pavarotti – Pavarotti On Pavarotti – Tony DiLisio calls me Pavarotti because I’m fat and I sing to him. Also, I love his voice, so when I come across stuff by him, especially the $1 bin stuff. I grab it. VG.
  • Loggins And Messina – The Best Of Friends – I have this on CD and it has the songs I care about from them. I’m not a huge fan, but I do love the two or three songs that I bought both the CD and this for. $1 bin find. VG.
  • Herb Alpert – Wild Romance – $1 bin find and it’s Herb Alpert. His 80s stuff may not be the same classics as his earlier stuff, but it’s Herb Alpert. ‘Nuff said! VG.

So, a decent haul. We also purchased a new album that we totally didn’t know we already had. We’ll have to turn that back in, trade it for something else. Jonathan is usually good with that. You need to follow the Underdog Records social media pages because Jonathan is always posting what’s just arrived in the store, both new and used. Sometimes that is several times a day. Usually, though, it’s maybe once a day, twice a day. Not too inundating. But, trust me, it’s worth it if you’re into vinyl (or just want to be into it).

Also, use Discogs to catalog your collection. They have a great marketplace, too. I have been really happy with my buying experiences on there.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Hello, darkness, my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again. Because a vision softly creeping left its seeds while I was sleeping, and the vision that was planted in my brain still remains, within the sound of silence.” – “The Sound of Silence” (Simon)