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I have about four different things to write about today, but since these two things are presently big news for me and one of the others I passed on Saturday to do the “Sounds Like Saturday,” I’ll go with the two and talk the other tomorrow. How’s that?


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First, last night the Philadephia Eagles finally got their Lombardi Trophy. That in and of itself isn’t the best news for me. The best news is that they got that by beating Whiney Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Yeah, yeah. Tom is probably the best modern-day player the game has seen since the early 70s. I concede that. But, I’m over him. I’m done with him. I am starting to loathe him. I don’t need to see him in any more Super Bowls.

Of course, I thought the Patriots were going to win. Everyone did. Well, everyone I know outside of Patriots fans (I know there are a couple of those) wanted the Eagles to win but knew it was a long-shot, especially with a backup QB in the mix. But, that backup QB showed up and slapped the defending champions, earning the MVP award in the process. Nick Foles has always been a good QB. Last night, he was a great QB, even getting to catch a pass for a TD! Congrats to him and the Eagles and the city of Philly for finally getting that.

Now, in other news.

The BCPF started her new job today. This past Friday was her last day in the ever-intensifying sinking ship that is Krispy Kreme. She loved her job but they are doing some snide shite over there and it’s not a great place to be, especially in the expected “non-move.”

So, today, she started at a non-profit that deals with the apartment communities in the entire Piedmont/Triad area. She will be the Director of Communications there. I’m leaving off the name for now; keeping with the somewhat anonymity that goes with being married to me. It’s a big jump in title and responsibility. Granted, she won’t be dealing with 6 million Facebook followers or 4+ million Twitter folk but she’s going to be managing the whole marketing direction of this non-profit. Again, that’s big news for her.

The only downside we see right now is she has to drive to Greensboro every day. Is there something wrong with Greensboro? Not at all. But, considering it took her 10 minutes to drive to work at her former employer, and only filling up her tank about once a month, she’ll have to make some adjustments.

I’m so very proud of her, though. She always comes through and makes positive waves no matter where she goes. She does take the bull by the horns and tames it to her – and whoever she works for’s – strengths and needs. She’s a gem of a person and a workhorse. I’m proud to be her hubs and I’m proud of everything she is. She’s going to be a perfect fit for her new employer, too. Big things are a-comin’!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Doug Pederson [Eagles head coach], a career backup quarterback, had his backup quarterback in the game, and he called those plays with such guts like he was calling them for himself after all of those years. It was just a phenomenal game. Tom Brady could not have done any more in this one.” – Cris Collinsworth