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Yesterday was a typical Saturday with The BCPF. We had our breakfast and then to Underdog Records for our take. Then, we did run to see friends of ours who are moving to Denver (the one in Colorado). Then home to listen to the wonderful sounds we purchased on vinyl and then on to Willows. Here’s what we got from Underdog Records:

  • Calexico – The Thread That Keeps Us – Brand new from Calexico. The BCPF loves this stuff. It’s hard to keep track of what kind of music you’re listening to with them as their styles change quite frequently within the same album. It’s cool but weird. A friend of mine said that you could classify it as “Post-Devotchka acoustic meandering since you asked.” Thanks, Tony. I liked it. So did The BCPF. New.
  • Eno – Here Come The Warm Jets – #432 on the RS List. Brian Eno is a weird dude. Very weird. But, I dug this and the next album. New.
  • Eno – Another Green World – #429 on the RS List. Both of these are very ambient and proggy. I dug them both. New.
  • The Outfield – Play Deep – This actually wasn’t from Underdog. I purchased it from Discogs Marketplace. I had wanted it for a while. I had it on cassette when I first moved to WSNC at the age of 15. I wore that out. I then had it (still do) on CD and that thing is scratched to all hades. I had forgotten how amazing the entire album was until we listened to it yesterday. I love it start to finish and will play it often. It won’t be just thrown in the collection. VG+/NM-.
  • Lou Reed – New Sensations – Yes, I hate Velvet Underground but I can actually listen to Lou. VG.
  • Yes – Drama – A VG+ copy of some proggy goodness.
  • Various – Weird Science – Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack – VG copy just because I wanted it.
  • Devo – Freedom Of Choice – The “Whip It” album. VG.
  • Murray Head – Say It Ain’t So – So, we all know that Murray Head is the “One Night in Bangkok” guy. We also know that he was Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar (the original cast). Did you know that he’s Andrew Head’ brother in real life? Andrew played Rupert Giles on the television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Anywhat! This was a fantastic album. We really enjoyed it. VG+.
  • Billy Squier – Emotions In Motion – Had to have this gem, especially since it was in the $1 bin.
  • Various – High Voltage – A K-Tel collection. I love these things. I like when they’re in the $1 bin, too. VG.
  • Suzanne Vega – Suzanne Vega – $1 bin find. Vega is a good storyteller. A lot of her stuff sounds the same but you can’t say she doesn’t have a “style” about her. It was a good album to listen to. VG.
  • New Birth, The – Golden Classics – Yeah, once I got the New Birth bug, I still gotta grab them. $1 bin find. VG.

It was a slow day at Underdog Yesterday, but I believe it picked up later. I could just hang out there all the time. I’m sure I’d annoy the dickens out of Jonathan, though. Cheap plug here, listen to The Less Desirables to hear the latest TLD/Underdog special for the week.

I use Discogs to catalog my entire collection. If I’m Underdog and find an album that I (thought) needed, I can check to see if I actually already have it. Plus, there are several versions of many of the recordings, you can use the identifiers to find out which version you have. And, as you can see from me doing so, you can purchase stuff from the Marketplace. I love Discogs.

“Say it ain’t so, Joe please, say it ain’t so. That’s not what I want to hear Joe and I’ve got a right to know. Say it ain’t so, Joe, please say it ain’t so. I’m sure they’re telling us lies Joe please tell us it ain’t so.” – “Say It Ain’t So, Joe” (Head)