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Today, the Winston-Salem Ambassadors had their first ever year-end meeting. I don’t feel right about calling something “annual” until it’s been done more than once. So, they can call it an “annual” meeting but to me, that needs to wait until next year. Anywhat!!20294073_1914158728858038_1171995893913071413_n

The first of these meetings happened today. It was great to see my pals from my time on the board of advisors – I departed the board on January 1st – to see the fruits of our labor from last year.

It was a quaint, yet packed house at the Winston Cup Museum in downtown WSNC. Mackenzie Cates-Allen presided over the ceremonies as the president of the organization. She’s a great leader. We heard from Councilfolk D.D. Adams and Derwin Montgomery. I sat beside my friend, Councilman John Larson, to one side and pal, Teri Watkins of Spinfrogs to the other.

We learned more about what Ramkat will be (that’s where Ziggy’s 2.0 used to be) and more about Winston’s Fashion Week. The board gave out the first ever Everyday Awards to several deserving folks.

A new friend of mine was at the meeting and I have been meaning to talk to him about some business things for the last few months. We went to Finnigan’s Wake and had what ended up being about a two and half hour or even possible three-hour talk over a beer and a few chicken tenders. His name is Tim and he’s married to someone very important to me from my past. So, that on top of his skills, talents, and knowledge, I really wanted to talk with him.

I think it was a productive meeting. I think it was a fruitful meeting. I think it could lead to good things. If nothing else, we kindled what I feel could be a great and strong friendship. In fact, I sent his wife a message and said that I think I love her hubs. She said she can see a “bromance” starting. I have a few of those and I dig them, so yeah, I’m down. Keep reading and watching to see what this develops into!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The Mission of Winston-Salem Ambassadors is to educate through creating awareness of and increasing awareness of the city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.” – Winston-Salem Ambassadors