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I tell you what, Dear Reader. I am tired. I know that’s a recurring theme as of late. I’m always tired. But, this time it was because I was up late submitting those records into Discogs like I mentioned yesterday.


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Let me tell you, the foreign language ones were a major pain. I had to do a lot of digging and searching to find out who contributed what when. I mean, that’s what I rely on Discogs for, to tell me all that info. So, there were searches, cross-referencing and double checking. Many of the songwriters had just their last names and I have to admit I’m not all that familiar with the German composers/songwriters, especially the stuff I was looking up, and Discogs is really stringent about getting the correct info submitted.

And, I see why that’s important.

I had to do the songwriters, the instrumentalists, the singers, the producers, the cover artists, the photographers, the copyrights and so on. Of course, only what is listed on the album liner notes and or sleeves are what is needed for Discogs. They also want pictures of your version. There are variants, different pressing plants, different colored vinyl, things that can completely change the version. So, you need to use the one that you’re familiar with; the one you have. I have found that there are several versions of most of the albums I have. So, when I do the input for my records, I have to make sure, using matrix/runouts that I have the correct version that I’m holding.

Is it the end of the world if I’m wrong?  Heck no. But, if I am going through the trouble of documenting this, I want it to be right, ya know? Someone, many someones actually, sat and did the same thing I did last night over the years so that the stuff that we buy is there for us to find out more about and archive the records that we have. Accuracy is a must.

And, for there to only be seven that wasn’t in the database, considering the sheer amount of albums that exist, that’s pretty remarkable. I did tell The BCPF that we need to check that our classical and foreign language selections are actually in there and unless we absolutely have to have it, can we please skip it if not? Nah, I’ll still buy them. So, I’m not going to wait until Sunday, I’m going to tell you what I put in.

All of it came from Underdog Records, for sure. That’s where 96% of my vinyl comes from. That’s my favorite store to stand in. I love my vinyl collection. And while I’m tired, it was worth it because I was doing research and handling the vinyl. One of the joys of having vinyl and CDs and even cassettes. You can hold the music in your hand. You can’t do that with streaming. I loved it. I don’t want to do that input often, but every once in a while is cool.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Watching the night animals bellying close to the ground, I was walking in the dark.
It was following some feral scent like I was crossing the road; like I was following those streets to their destinations.” – “The Animals of the World” (Dekker) (Great Lake Swimmers)