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I’ve talked about being from West Virginia in the past. Well, I’m proud to announce, nothing has changed. North Carolina, Winston-Salem specifically, is my home, but my roots will always be West Virginia. I came across this video series from someone posting it on my Facebook page.

The video that was posted was highlighting Wyoming County which is the county that I lived, went to school and, until I was 15, was reared. I was born and spent a lot of “shopping time” in McDowell County and while I think McDowell’s video is a little more interesting, it’s Wyoming County that was my home then.

So, here is the introduction to my home county…

There are 55 counties in West Virginia and most of them are included in this series. Those not included are, in fact, being produced over the next few months. I got caught in the rabbit hole, watching most of the series before finally just falling asleep. It was interesting.

As much as West Virginia gets flack for its negatives, it is a beautiful state and there is plenty of rich history to learn and feel great about.

This isn’t the best-produced video series out there, but it is out there and that’s at least something. Watch the other counties’ video, too.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“What we value and hold important in our lives today, came from events that happened yesterday. And, it’s when we begin to understand the events of yesterday that we fully embrace the day which makes tomorrow become less of a mystery.” – Wayne Worth