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One of my most overused pictures but I love it. It tells a story.


So, I know it’s cliche to say that your father is the greatest man you’ve ever known. I know that phrase gets over-used for whatever man is being talked about. But, I don’t care because, to me, Ma Père is the greatest man I’ve ever known. To me, probably the greatest man that has ever lived. While we don’t always agree on things like politics or religion (or the lack thereof), it’s still because of him that I strive to be respectful, honest, helpful, remarkable and someone that everyone comes to for “that thing that you know.”

My dad is the epitome of the standard. Not standard in the mainstream sense. Standard as in the bar is here, try to overshoot it. It never happens. No matter how hard I try I will never be that man. Perhaps to 3B, one day I’ll be that standard. But, for me, I can never meet or match the man that he is. I can find twenty more ways to say it but I mean every single word of it and feel about a hundred times more strongly than the words that I would write. He is my rock, my foundation and everything that I strive to be, not only in a man but being a father.

Today, January 8th, on a day that he shares with Elvis (he’d be 83, David Bowie (he’d be 71) and Stephen Hawking (he’s 76), Ma Père turns the big 7-0. I used to think 70 was old but I see him working just as hard as he ever has, just doing different things. I see him one of the healthiest people I know and strongest, still. So, it’s not old, it’s advanced. Here’s to you Pops! You’re awesome and I love you so very much. Happy solar circumnavigational anniversary day!!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“What I like to do is try to make a difference with the work I do.” – David Bowie