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So, yesterday was the first trip into Underdog Records of 2018. The BCPF and I got some good stuff, I believe. I filled in a couple of empty spaces on the RS list and one from the Eugeology list, too. The overall haul was short, but the depth was good! Let’s hit it…

Right after we left yesterday, Jonathan got in a used Audio-Technica ATLP120 in like-new condition with an upgraded cartridge. It has already sold but he gets stuff like this in nearly every day. Follow them on Instagram to keep track of what comes through there, as it comes through there. Great deals to be had there, in equipment and records, obviously! We also love using Discogs to keep track of what we have, info on the records, who produced what, who played on what and so on. Plus, there’s a marketplace if you’re not finding the stuff you need elsewhere. Check them out.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Everybody’s at war these days. Let’s have a mini-surrender. I need some sentimental hygiene.” – “Sentimental Hygiene” (Zevon)