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Okay. We all know I’m from West Virginia and if you know me in real life, at all, then you know that I have an unusual tolerance for the cool and sometimes cold weather. I’ve been known to walk to the school bus stop (about a quarter mile) with it snowing and me in a sleeveless shirt or even walking my dog in the snow with bare feet. cold-weather

When I lived with Mes ‘Rents and my friends would come over, they’d always say they felt like a side of beef. Ma Mère always kept the house colder and I liked it that way. It was so cold in the summer that condensation would run down the walls out of the vents from the A/C. I dug it cold, even welcomed it. My house now, to the chagrin of The BCPF, hovers around 64-68°. And, I will always prefer cooler weather over the hot weather. Fall and Spring are my two favorite seasons for temps. Usually, it’s very comfortable then. Summer is unbearable. I sweat looking out the window.

But, most of that was in my younger days. I still like it chilly and cool. I walked outside today and that shite was awful! That was when it was about 23°. It started much lower this morning and I didn’t have to go out in it. But, I even posted on Facebook that if I thought it was cold then it really was cold. Ridiculously so, too. Ugh! So, to my friends, stay warm out there. Don’t be out unless you have to. Luckily it’s not snowing. And stay safe. Keep an eye out for the people in need, this could be a killer to them.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Stay bundled.

“I like the cold weather. It means you get work done.” – Noam Chomsky