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So, it’s a whole new year! 2018 in da house! I hope this one is a great one. It seems like they all get harder to be “good ones,” with our aging. But, still, here’s hoping. We went to Willows and had prime rib and salmon and other things, then we came home and fell asleep on the couch until about 11:45pm or so. So we got to watch the ball drop. Happy-New-Year-Images-2018-300x199

Do you remember when you knew who the people performing on NYE was? And Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve was the only show in town for it? Now, some other channels were just doing regular programming but I kept switching back and forth between Ryan Seacrest and CNN’s atrocious pairing of Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper. It was awkward and uncomfortable. I love me some Don Lemon, though and he was funny.

Seacrest had, once again, Jenny McCarthy with him and, other than her horrible plastic surgery on her face, was a good co-host. I know her face has nothing to do with her hosting abilities, but it was a distraction. It was like a bloated lipped version of the two models that died with Joker smiles in 1989’s Batman. And, jeez, Ciara was downright horrible. Lucy Hale wasn’t bad as hosting the New Orleans part, but the time delay and the fact that she just couldn’t keep from talking made that whole thing awkward, too. I didn’t at all mind Fitz and the Tantrums or Imagine Dragons. I thought they were great. Mariah Carey got to redeem herself after the last debacle she did for one of these things. But, it was okay. I got to kiss my girl at midnight, so I guess that’s what’s important. And, I got to hug 3B, that was great, too.

But, earlier in the night, with the football games going the way they did, I became the 2017 Willows’ Sweep the Leg Fantasy Football Champion! I finished the regular season with a losing record (6-8), but because I had Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Jacksonville Defense, they all finally decided to turn it on the last part of the season so that led to a few victories which put me ahead of the others in my division. It was nerve-wracking and my stomach was in knots. Ben and Antonio didn’t even play and I knew that Jacksonville was going to have a hard time against division rivals Tennesee. So, I put Matthew Stafford in and Martavis Bryant along with the Steelers defense. Steelers were playing the Browns and it was inevitable that they’d do good against them. Cleveland tried, but the Steelers held them off in the end. Anywhat!

During the regular season, The BCPF ran roughshod all over the whole league. She was 10-0 until someone (that lives in the same house with her) finally beat her. She ended up with a 12-2 regular season record. She won the regular season. The divisions (she and I were in two different divisions; her Willows, me Foothills) were torn up after that and the top eight got to play in the playoffs. I beat the first team, then I beat The BCPF (again) and then I beat the winner of my division for the whole thing. He was predicted to win all the way up until about 10 minutes before he didn’t. He was scary, though. Another accolade that I got was I had the highest point win during the season (202) and The BCPF had the “Most Points For” for the regular season (2051.1). We had fun.

In the TLD league that I run… yeah, let’s not talk about that. I finished first in the “consolation bracket.” Let’s just leave that there…

Congrats to me. The prize was almost $400. I’ll take it!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” – Oprah Winfrey