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It was a beautiful but chilly day in downtown WSNC. The BCPF and I really enjoyed being out and about. We did our normal routine stuff but added a trip to the Krankie’s Craft Fair. We saw some cool things, bought a few small items from local craftsfolk and of course, went to Underdog Records. It was about the fourth time this week I had been in there. It’s just where I go to kill time, to have a nice chat, to thumb through some rekkids, or whatever. I just love being there. Here’s what we got from there this week:

We really enjoyed what we got to listen to yesterday of this haul. It’s good stuff. Jonathan has gift certificates for sale at Underdog Records. Plus, if you’ve thought about getting into collecting vinyl, but don’t have a turntable, Jonathan has several for sale in the store, new and used. Don’t forget to always listen to The Less Desirables for the week’s TLD/UDR special offer. And, to keep track of what you have, or if you’re looking to buy something you’ve been looking for or to unload stuff, use Discogs. You can use it for CD collections, too.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“No stop signs, speed limit. Nobody’s gonna slow me down. Like a wheel, gonna spin it. Nobody’s gonna mess me around. Hey Satan, paid my dues. Playing in a rocking band. Hey mama, look at me. I’m on my way to the promised land, whoo! I’m on the highway to hell.” – “Highway to Hell” (Scott/Young/Young)