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So, usually, I piggyback The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast on Tuesdays because that’s when I record them, right? Well, there was no Fan Interference today (and won’t be until January; our annual holiday hiatus) so I recorded both “tomorrow’s” TMWATT podcast and the “As Ardmore Turns” for this week’s The Less Desirables. Well, when I did the RSS feed for TMWATT, it was for tomorrow. However, as I did the blog post, I went ahead and published it (for both TMWATT blog and the TLD Network pages) before I realized I was supposed to schedule them for tomorrow, as well. Well, cripes. Anywhat! It’s there for you to hear if you’d like. I talk about The Traveled Farmer closing and Mario Batali. You can read about it and listen HERE.

Also, you should give me credit for fitting a shameless plug for all but two of the podcasts (and sites), those two would be The Beer Dads and Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking. But, I digress…

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Traveled Farmer offered the Triad community seasonal dishes based on local ingredients, a handcrafted drink menu and to-go meals for your home with “some assembly required,” according to the website, for just over a year.” – Yes! Weekly