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So, I’m releasing no secret in saying that the New England Patriots are one of my most hated NFL teams. They share that spot with the Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Ravens (the Cincinnati Bengals are just a hair behind that). There are many reasons for this. The biggest being Tom Brady. Next, comes Rob Gronkowski and Bill Belichik.

In this Sunday’s game, Gronk was unhappy that there was no pass interference called (and it was pass interference) on a pass in the middle of the game. He’d been called for a few things (all through the season) and, to my understanding (which I know can be incorrect), he’s one of the most penalized TEs in the league. So, when the call isn’t called for him, and after the play, he takes a running start and throws his shoulder directly into the back of Tre’Davious White’s skull. So, White was hit in the back and the front of his helmet was driven into the ground. He was visibly shaken and we found out he entered the concussion protocol. With the concussion epidemic that the league is going through right now, we shouldn’t take any of that as “light.”

Now, he said that he lost his cool and apologized. Okay. But, still, you hit someone while driving under the influence, you can apologize but you shouldn’t just get off scot-free. I’m not saying that I believe he should be suspended just because he’s Gronk and plays on that awful team. I’m not even saying that I think he needs to be suspended, but if you look at what recent suspensions have come from, fights, cheap shots, etc., then you have to at least consider it. Also, if Tre’Davious White misses any time in the concussion protocol, then Gronk needs to be out as long as he is. He didn’t deserve to be put out. It wasn’t a regular play that did it, it was maliciousness. I mean he rared back and launched. Now, if White misses no time, does he still need to be suspended? It’s not for me to say, but, if they want to keep him out Week 15, that would be great. I kid about that part, but seriously, any suspension is up to Goodell and Co. I know he’ll get fined, if not then they’re showing some serious favoritism.

Also, did anyone see the whiney-baby tantrum that Brady threw on the sideline against Josh McDaniel? Instead of a mouth guard, he needs a pacifier. Ahole! That’s inconsequential just wanted to throw it in. What are your thoughts on Gronk? Suspension? Fine? Both? Talk to me, Dear Reader.

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“Stupid is as stupid does. – Forrest Gump