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I’ve expanded my musical horizons this week. I have always loved the radio-friendly tunes that the band Yes put out, but not much on the long, drawn-out prog stuff. And, that really hasn’t changed, but what has changed is my want of the album. 90125 and Fragile are great but I’d never listened to the album, just the tunes I wanted to hear. As big a proponent of albums as I made myself out to be on the RS Top 500 list I will admit to (prior to that project) that I wasn’t much on listening to full albums. My ADD just wasn’t having it. I will also add (all lowercase) that it is still a struggle for me to listen all the way through stuff, but I pull it off. Since I’ve gotten (back) into vinyl, it has gotten easier and I’ll admit, fun. But, I still struggle with it. But, a friend of mine posted this on his wall today and I thought I’d share it. I never knew how funny Rick Wakeman (keyboards) was but he is hilarious. The whole thing is worth the watch, but Wakeman comes in around the seven-minute mark. It’s their induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Enjoy.

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“Change changing places. Root yourself to the ground. Capitalize on this good fortune. One word can bring you round: Changes.” – “Changes” (Rabin, Anderson, White)