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So, I’ve talked in the past about playing fantasy football. Well, this year, I suck. I suck really bad. I am playing in two different leagues and in both of them, I have abysmal records. These teams are atrocious. The worst part is, I had the #1 pick in both leagues. Fantasy-Football-badge

I won the first three games of The Less Desirables League and then have lost every game since. Part of that was that my top QB, the top rated QB in the league, went down for the season with a shoulder injury. So, I play my backup and I don’t even remember who that was. I dropped him and picked up another QB. He was doing awesome! Rookie of the Year candidate, even. The rest of the team was pretty bad but he was doing great. Then, he goes out with a knee injury in practice; untouched. I’m now on an eight-game losing streak and this week doesn’t look pretty, either.

The other league I’m 4-7. I’m not at the bottom but I’m close. Really close. But, this week, I pulled off the highest weekly total this entire season, thus far. My QB and main WR combined for 87.5 points. Then my DEF got 50.4 points. The rest of the team ended up with 64.2 points. That put me at 202.1 points total. Over 200. 160 is strong but 200 is crazy. I like it. Again, I suck. But this week that team felt good. It was good. And I probably won’t do it again. This week, in that league, I play The BCPF. And, in that league, she’s 11-0. I kind of hope I don’t beat her. I don’t want to be the one that does it. But, if it is me, she’ll still love me.

I hate loving fantasy football.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The vast majority of fantasy football fans, myself included, revel in the absurdity of it all.” – Max Handelman