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This week both The Man Who Ate the Town and The Beer Dads latest podcasts came out today. Usually, The Beer Dads is a Monday thing. But, we recorded this week’s show at Hoots Roller Bar and Beer Company instead of our usual Test Pattern Studios. We did that last night. It was a celebration of Hoots, one of their barkeeps’ birthday and mine.

The Man Who Ate the Town highlights Fainting Goat Spirits and the new Canteen Gourmet Bistro from Eric Swaim and Claire Calvin. Hear the latest The Beer Dads Podcast HERE. Hear the latest The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast HERE.



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“Fainting Goat Spirits bourbons will begin to be released in 2020. Straight Rye Whiskey will be released in December 2018 and an American single malt whiskey will be released this holiday season.” – Fainting Goat Spirits/Greensboro Distilling