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So this week will be a mixture of the take from Underdog Records and a shload of records that I didn’t know that I owned. Let me explain. About 10 years ago, my ex-wife and my mother went to an auction (they were always going to auctions) and purchased a ton of records. They only wanted to rock records but it was one of those, you take one you have to take the whole thing deals. Well, I didn’t have a record player back then. So they got stored. And, I forgot about them. About 3 weeks ago, my ex-wife asked me if I got the ones out of the cabin. What are you talking about? We didn’t have any in the cabin. She informed me that yes we did. I thought perhaps it was one or two things that I had over time. Well, I had to go in the attic with my mother and she said, there are your records. I was looking through and just like a kid, kept saying these are mine!?!? So, I brought them home and am going through them a little at a time. Many rock albums to add to my collection and a lot of jazz, folk and classical, too. I did the rock ones first. Again, these are mixed here.

This is the Bonus Stack below the line

So, that’s a lot and that’s only the rock and few that The BCPF wanted to listen to. I have at least 50 more to put in that are of all other genres. This coming Friday is Black Friday and Underdog Records will have a ton of awesomeness for Record Store Day – Black Friday Edition. Go to the RSD website to find out what is coming. Jonathan said he’s stocking 90% of that list, so make plans now. And buy a gift certificate for someone, do it now and get an additional 10% added for no additional cost. And as you can see, we do a lot of cataloging with Discogs and we love it!

And RIP not only to Malcolm Young, but Mel Tillis passed away, too. RIP Mel.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Heaven. Heaven is a place. A place where nothing. Nothing ever happens.” – “Heaven” (Byrne)