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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I would like to introduce to you the newest member of The Less Desirables… Bethany Miller!


Bethany Miller


Now, Dear Reader, I’m sure that you figured out that she has been a regular guest co-host pretty much since the first show after Caitlin left. The plan was to go with a rotating bevy of guest hosts and that would basically be “auditions” for the spot. But, Bethany kept showing up – which is a good thing – and she was engaging with the guests, she’s funny, she’s witty and she is not afraid to take shots at me, which as any listener to The Less Desirables knows, is imperative. So, throw out the “guest” part. She’s official! She’s the seventh person to hold the title of “co-host” (counting myself).

Bethany and her husband, JD, own Top Leaf Cigar Lounge and they offer a great place for people to go, purchase their high-quality cigars (not that Swisher Sweets stuff – not that there’s anything wrong with that), sit comfortably in a casual setting with people of like mind and enjoy camaraderie in this cigar smoking community.  Bethany and JD know what they’re doing and they can guide you in your quest for the “perfect cigar” for you.

Danielle asked me, “can we keep her?” And, you don’t really tell Danielle “no.” Plus, I have been extremely happy with Bethany’s adopted role and she has taken up the mantle. So, welcome, Bethany Miller! Congratulations!

Of course, Wednesdays are usually beer day but Danielle is bringing a “Dealer’s Choice” tonight. Whatever she brings, you can pick it up at City Beverage. Listen tonight to hear what it is and what we think about it. And, if you haven’t yet, check out Bethany as our new co-host.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I’ll take the ‘insult Tim chair.'” – Bethany Miller