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So, I’m researching a few things, something that could potentially be a side-gig for me or The BCPF, a few other things. In the research, there was a Facebook post about this particular service. It was about an online grocery shopping and delivery app. Now, I love Facebook. I spend a lot of time on there for the various businesses that I have or just to observe my friends’ activities, lives and happenings. But, one thing I’ve noticed is that people just have a hard time minding their own business.

It’s either someone wanting to call someone out for something they did or they have to judge someone because they don’t agree with them or they are complaining about something that is irrelevant just to hear (or see) themselves blabbing. The other part is people just not minding their own business. Doing “As Ardmore Turns” week in and week out (even when I do an “encore” episode) has really shown the dark side of social media or online forums. Most of it is someone bitching about something that is truly none of their business. I can’t believe that this person parks on their lawn instead of their driveway. I think there should be a law! Notice I highlighted “their.” It has nothing to do with them. They don’t like the way it looks but they’re not paying the mortgage, rent or fees for that property. It has nothing to do with them but because they don’t like it they want “justice” for it. It doesn’t work that way.

Another thing I see, I am a senior writer at TripAdvisor. I like TripAdvisor although review sites like that get a bad rep. And, I know and understand why. Because it’s rife with idiocy and people who don’t know the difference between criticism and a critique. A critique is supposed to be constructive and helpful for people on both sides of the review to either address a concern or offer a reasonable explanation as to why things weren’t as good as it should have been, or (gasp!) everything was awesome and they wan to tell about it. An example of an idiotic review: I didn’t like this resort. It rained the whole time we were there. We’ll not go back. When I write for TripAdvisor, Yelp!, a blog post for a restaurant, a review for a product, etc., if I have a complaint, I try to offer the reasons why I had the problem, plus, offer solutions that would have made my experience more positive. I don’t expect anyone to bend over backward, I just feel they should know if a customer isn’t satisfied.

In regard to my first subject, there was this online shopping and delivery service for groceries. You’d think that people would comment about whether or not they like the service for what it is and how it operates. You’d think. No. At least half of the responses I read before my head started hurting was judgmental a-holes who only had negative things to say about anyone who would use it. Get off your lazy a** and take it to the store and do it yourself. Or, another could be: Aw h*** naw, I want to touch my fruits and vegetables and don’t want strangers picking out my meat. And, yet another: this service is awful, the store was out of what I ordered (that was the best, yet).

First off, it’s none of your beeswax as to why someone may use this service. What about elderly folks that can’t drive and don’t want to constantly bother their loved ones? What about disabled or folk with mental disorders or whatever? Perhaps you’ve worked 13 hours that day and don’t feel like going to the store if you don’t have to? What if you want to spend time with your kids without them running around in a grocery store? Or best yet, what if they just want to be lazy? Stop putting people down when you don’t know the whole story, or better yet, mind your own F***ING business!

On the subject of someone else picking out your produce or meat products for you, do you really think these people are just randomly picking stuff willy-nilly? They’re trained to pick these things. Plus, once they’re trained on what to look for, they’re trained to pick as if they were picking for themselves. They’re not just picking a red bell pepper at random. I know this because I looked into the job. I don’t know that I’ll do it, I just wanted to see.

And, if the store is out of what you order, what control does the shopper have over that? NONE! STFU!

Now, I understand that I’m mouthing off and complaining just as I’m conveying from others. The difference is this is my blog where I voice my opinions. My opinions on MY page. Not a public forum where people just want to vomit opinions without any reasoning or logic, mostly just for their own egos. Some may not realize they’re doing that, and to you I say, think about what you’re saying when you’re saying it. For those who are just a-holes, STOP IT!! If you can’t be productive, just STFU!

Alright, rant over.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I work in between complaining.” – Cazzie David