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Last Friday and today, I’ve spent all the morning and early afternoon cleaning our house. I figure that while she’s busting arse working and paying our bills and such, that I’d make sure that the house is still fun to come home to, practical to live in and if we want, we can have people over without feeling bad about it.


Me after the cleaning sessions…


One thing it has allowed me to do is, again, go through a chunk of unheard records. We keep the recently purchased separated from the others until we’ve listened to them. That section gets larger and larger because we can only listen certain times of the week, at least together. But, I went through seven of them yesterday.

Also, I cleaned out a closet. I ended up taking two 35 gallon trash bags of old shoes to Goodwill as well as one of the bags full of old jackets. These were things that hadn’t been worn in at least eight years. I don’t remember even half of what I was finding in there. Plus, there were kid shoes that 3B wore. His feet are much bigger now and I know there are plenty of kids that could use some shoes. He didn’t wear them out he just wore them for a while and then outgrew them. He is a fast grower.

I found jackets I forgot I had or one that I knew I had but couldn’t find it. This closet is one of those “under the stairs” cubbies that gets narrower the further back you go. There was some stuff back there that I didn’t want to disturb, so I went about halfway back. But the stuff in this closet was just in a pile that measured halfway up the door. The BCPF never even saw what the closet looked like. She moved into this house seven years ago, it was in bad shape even then. She didn’t even know what the floor looked like.

I found the hoodie jacket I was looking for and several others. I knew that they’d be dusty and musky so I read the labels and washed about seven jackets, including my large Steelers Starter jacket. One of The BCPF’s corduroy jackets had to be “line dried” and one of my weird old stage jackets had to be laid on a flat surface. So, I took a TV tray outside and put the one flat and then hung the other on a coat hanger from the bird feeder, both in the sun.

I have to say, I enjoy coming home to this house when it’s not in bad shape. It was my fault that it got that way. Sure, all three of us contributed to its decline but I spend the most time at home. It’s something that needs to be done and I”m the man to do it. Takes some pressure off of my best girl and it gives us a home to be proud of, for however long we’ll be here. It’s rejuvenating, actually. I recommend a good clean every once in a while. Most people do it in the spring, I guess, I have to be different.

Neither day did I tell her that I was going to do it. She just had to come home to find it done. It sounds like I’m patting myself on the back for this. Okay, I’ll take it. No one else (besides The BCPF) will toot this horn and I’m proud of what I accomplished. There is more to do, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to that part. But, it will happen!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I’m not a clean freak. My house is a mess.” – Kate Walsh