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On Wednesday nights or Thursday mornings (whenever I get to it) I offer up a new playlist on Spotify. It is sometimes my list but mostly it is the playlist from The Less Desirables Network cast of characters. That means that The BCPF, Beer Dad Jon, Beer Dad Paul, Jordan from Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking, TC of Fan Interference, Danielle and Caitlin have all done playlists up to this point. Caitlin has left The Less Desirables because she moved for work. We are working with some guest co-hosts for the time being. running-og

I’m going to ask Eugene (still part of The Less Desirables family) to contribute on a regular basis even though he has a large playlist of his own. And, I’m also going to ask some of our frequent guests to do the same. The contributors (including myself) are on a mostly-regular rotation. There are some weeks that I don’t have one to put in and that’s okay, I guess. I’ll do them when I have them.

The point is to get everyone who listens more in tune with the folks they listen to on the podcasts each week. A little insight into what goes on in their heads or some of their favorite tunes, the reasons for the lists can be anything. It is anything, really. Take this week’s playlist for example. The BCPF gave me several lists to choose from. Being as this is the only one I’ll get to from her before Halloween, I decided to take that one. It’s all songs that are spooky, talk about death, violence (as she can get, I promise it’s not that bad) and maladies that impose themselves on our fears and torments. I am making that part up. It’s just a list of songs that she likes that are a bit out there (in a non-regular The BCPF way). Give it a listen and you’ll hear what I’m talking about.

You can listen to these playlists, not only on Spotify but also on Soundsgood.co. The Soundsgood feed allows listeners to listen to available songs on platforms that may or may not be on Spotify. Some are available on YouTube, Apple, Amazon and so on. That part is still being worked through and tweaked so, keep checking back. So, here are the playlist links:

TLD Podcast Network (click on the link on the right hand side of the webpage)

The URL for the Spotify and Soundsgood.co links will change every week. Just subscribe to me, or check the TLD Network link to get the latest of each. Also, if you follow the TLD Network Facebook and Twitter accounts, they are updated weekly, as well.

Enjoy listening, Dear Reader, until tomorrow…
Scorp out!

“White on white translucent black capes. Back on the rack. Bela Lugosi’s dead.” – “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” (Hawkins, Hawkins, Murphy, Ash)